Lotions containing ammonium chloride are very useful in inflammatory swellings of muscles, joints, lymphatic and other glands, and sometimes in the hydroceles of children - 2 dr. may be used to 4 or 6 oz. of spirit and water.

In orchitis and in milk engorgements with heat and tension of the breasts, the same application is cooling and absorbent. Gueneau de Mussy recommends for the latter cases an ointment containing 5 parts of the chloride mixed with 1 of camphor and 30 of lard, to be used frequently. It is said that threatening abscess may be aborted by the continued application of compresses wet with spirit of rosemary containing about 1 dr. of the salt to the pint, and if an abscess has formed of indolent character, such as bubo often is, it may be stimulated to heal by the injection of sal-ammoniac solution after withdrawal of some pus (Ranking, i., 1871).