In chronic nasal discharges, if the bones be not seriously affected, and in ordinary coryza, benefit may be derived from injections of nitrate of silver (2 to 5 gr. in 1 oz.). In the former condition, a cleansing and disinfectant nasal douche should first be used, and afterward the astringent should be injected from behind forward by means of a curved tube passed to the back of the fauces, and connected with a rubber ball.

Nitrate of silver in various forms is an important agent in the treatment of diseases of the throat and air passages, but its strong and caustic action is invoked much less frequently now than formerly; we require rather the astringent or alterative action to relieve congested, or brace relaxed parts. Dawosky concludes, after extensive experience, that, whenever local applications are required for congested mucous membranes, nitrate of silver gives the best results; besides its chemical influence, it stimulates the congested vessels to contract and get rid of their excess of blood. For congested conditions of the fauces with adherent secretion and patches of redness and swelling, he recommends a strength of 1 part in 8 (Medical Record, March, 1878), but I think it better to begin at least with half this proportion.