The external use of iodine will frequently relieve subacute pleuritic pain and the "flying" chest-pains which are common in phthisis. Iodoformed collodion (1 part in 15 to 20) is said to act especially well in such cases, and to exert the further effect of lowering the body-temperature (British MedicalJournal, i., 1879). In chronic pleuritis with effusion, iodine liniment or ointment has some power to promote absorption; and in phthisis and chronic bronchitis, painting it over the front part of the chest serves to impregnate the air which is breathed, and modifies expectoration and the state of the bronchial membrane. Inhalation of iodine may also be practised, and a few grains may be left on a plate in the sick-room with advantage. Fetid organic odors from the breath, etc., are lessened by it (Richardson: Social Science Review, July, 1864). Iodine, 10 gr., dissolved in 1 oz. amyl hydride, makes a good inhalation (Medical Times, ii., 1871).