In several forms of skin disease, attended with itching, lotions containing a small proportion of carbonate or borate of soda, 1 to 2 dr. in 1/2 pint, are often serviceable. In urticaria, lichen, and the early inflammatory stages of eczema, when alkaline oozing occurs, the same lotion will give relief, but in the last case it should be made weaker still - 20 to 30 gr. in the 1/2 pint; or, again, 20 gr. of the carbonate of soda may be usefully combined with an ounce of zinc ointment. In several forms of papular and scaly eruptions, such as lichen and psoriasis, baths containing about 4 to 6 oz. of carbonate of soda are very useful, being sedative as well as detergent. For common chilblains a strong solution of salt in water is a good domestic remedy; borax with glycerin is also good.

A weak lotion of borax is also often useful in cases of ordinary sore nipple; Sir Astley Cooper commonly prescribed it with spirit of wine. For slight cases of fissured sore tongue or buccal irritation, the glycerine of borax is pleasant and efficient.

Tinea Versicolor and even mild cases of tinea tonsurans (ringworm) may be cured by the same remedy. For the irritation and scaling connected with so-called pityriasis capitis a lotion containing borax, camphor, and rosemary is a good application.