The local application of so excellent a remedy has not been neglected in this - perhaps the most anxious form of hemorrhage with which we have to deal. Sometimes the use of plugs or tampons steeped in the solution, and packed in the vagina, has seemed the best mode of treatment, but it is not free from risk, for it may only conceal serious internal hemorrhage, and moreover, the prolonged contact of strong preparations, even though at the time painless, has been followed by serious loss of substance, and permanent contraction and cicatrix (Gazette des Hopitaux, 18G9, No. 113). In post-partum hemorrhage, the rapid application of a saturated sponge to the interior of a non-contracting uterus has proved efficient (Barnes), but the contact of a strong solution so quickly corrugates the membrane of the vagina and the os uteri, as to cause difficulty in carrying the instrument far enough, or in withdrawing it (Braxton Hicks, Norris).