It is, however, in chronic relaxed conditions of the fauces and pharynx, with dysphagia and constant discomfort, aching in the throat, cough, and hawking of phlegm, that the remedy gives most relief. There is no acute inflammation present, and the affected parts are either pale with prominent follicles, or swollen and of purplish color, with more or less viscid, yellowish secretion. In "clergyman's sore throat," the follicles of the pharynx mainly are affected, and in all these cases a solution of 20 gr. to the ounce, with glycerin, should be applied once daily, or on alternate days, while tannin, borax, etc., are used in the intervals.

In aphonia connected with local debility and relaxation, silver applications relieve by their astringent tonic action, and in hysterical aphonia the irritation excited is often sufficient to restore the voice.

Relief may also be given to obstinate coughs arising from relaxed fau-cial conditions, and not amenable to internal remedies, by a solution containing about 5 to 10 gr. in the ounce, applied once or twice daily.