On the other hand, there is much clinical evidence of the value of ammonia in this fever. De Witt, Peart (1802), Wilkinson, and Strahl have written specially in its praise, and many illustrations of its value have been given by Hillier, Camden, Graham, Sisson, Langdon Down, and others (Lancet, 1860, 1864, 1870; Medical Times, 1858, 1862, 1873, and "London Hospital Reports," vol. i.). From 3 to 6 gr. of carbonate, freely diluted, are to be given every one or two hours, until improvement occurs: it determines to the skin, and perhaps thus hastens elimination of the poison. I have found it especially useful in cases accompanied by malignant sore throat. Dr. Down refers to 192 cases occurring in one epidemic at Earlswood Asylum; 78 had severe angina, and 49 were malignant cases: all received 5 gr. of the carbonate every four hours, and were otherwise treated alike: alcoholic stimulants were used in moderation. Ten only died, and of these seven were tuberculous, and considering the low resisting power of imbeciles this result is good. He considered the remedy diminished febrile excitement and calmed the nervous system: it was taken readily without pain to the throat.