The same remark applies to the use of an ointment made with the oxide of manganese (3 ij. to 3 j. adipis), which has been recommended in scabies and ringworm, and, combined with sulphur, in porrigo.


Free chlorine is readily and cheaply generated by acting on peroxide of manganese with hydrochloric acid, or by heating a mixture of common salt and peroxide with sulphuric acid and water (equal parts). The former process is recommended in the Swedish Pharmacopoeia, 1 part of peroxide (pyrolusite) and 4 of acid being ordered: the latter process is that known by the name of Guyton Morveau: a mixture of manganese oxide 7 1/2 grammes, and 10 grammes of salt, with sulphuric acid and water, of each 20 parts, will disinfect a space of 30 cm.

Therapeutical Action (Internal)