Some writers have much insisted on the therapeutical virtues of salt in these diseases. Durand Fardel reported instances of benefit, and Amedee Latour reduced its administration to a system; he gave it to well-fed goats, and then used the goats' saline milk largely in the diet of his patients; he employed also all hygienic means, and obtained good results (Union Medicale, 1851-56, Brochure, 1857). Pietra Santa is another advocate for the systematic use of salt in phthisis, recommending a "syrupus natrii chlorati." Dr. Cotton, however, could not trace any definite effects from salt in his treatment at Brompton Hospital. The saline baths of Soden, in Nassau, have a reputation in similar cases, and in obstinate chronic catarrh the waters of Ems are often prescribed with advantage.