In the different manifestations of these constitutional states, such as enlarged glands, tumid abdomen, indolent ulceration, ophthalmia, etc., preparations of iodine, and especially the tincture, are of proved value. But though they lead to disintegration of morbid deposit, they do not appear to assist renovation of tissue, and for permanent good results require to be supplemented by good food and hygiene. Hence, also, the combination with iron - iodide of iron - is an excellent form, and the conjoint use of cod-liver oil is very desirable. These remedies are invaluable in rachitis especially, and are usually well borne by delicate children when alkaline iodides are not. Simon, indeed, concludes that the latter ought not to be given at all under two years of age (Medical Record, 1876), and even the iodide of iron sometimes excites gastric and renal irritation, especially in some delicate children with fair skin, red hair, and enlarged throat-glands, so that it is desirable to commence its use in small doses.

I have been accustomed to give 1 to 3 min. doses of iodine tincture well diluted, and continued for a considerable time, in cases of struma, and can recommend this form of medication. The iodide of ammonium is said sometimes to have exceptional value.