In the different forms of disease included under these headings, and characterized by enlarged or suppurating glands, irritable mucous membranes, caries, and swelling of knee and elbow joints, emaciation, etc., iron, although much lauded by Hufeland, is not so serviceable when given alone as are certain alteratives - iodine, lime, etc.- but when combined with such remedies it is of great value for the cachexia, anaemia, and torpor of the blood-forming glands, which are usual accompaniments; I have, indeed, found the iodide of iron to be an excellent remedy for most affections of a scrofulous type. The perchloride, as already mentioned, is a good external application for discharging glands. The vinum ferri, or an alkaline citrate with aromatics, is very useful in the mucous diarrhoea of rachitic children.