By those who decry or discourage the use of mercury in syphilis, the chlorate of potash is much depended upon as a substitute, especially in infantile forms of the disorder (Drysdale: Dublin Press, December, 1862). I believe that it may contribute to the healing of ulceration in this as in other cachexiae, but I cannot attribute to it special anti-syphilitic power. More has been claimed for the bichromate, and it seems to have proved sometimes useful, especially in ulcerated throat (syphilitic) and in iritis; a pill containing 1/10 to 1/6 gr., with opium, is the best way of giving it, for its solution is apt to nauseate. In large doses it is an irritant poison, and its action as a remedy has not been well proved nor extensively tried. I have myself been greatly disappointed with its effects in some obstinate cases of syphilitic disease.

Preparations And Dose

Potassii bromidum (v. vol. i., p. 119). Po-tassii iodidum; Linimentum potassii iodidi cum sapone (v. vol. i., p. 94). Liquor potassae: dose, 10 to 60 min., freely diluted. Potassa caustica. Potassoe carbonas: dose, 10 to 20 gr., freely diluted. Potassoe bicarbonas: dose, 10 to 30 gr. as an antacid, etc.; in acute rheumatism, 30 to 60 gr. every four hours, freely diluted with water. Liquor potassoe effervescens: "potash water," dose, 4 to 8 oz. (contains 1/2 gr. in the ounce). Potassoe acetas: dose, 10 to 60 gr. as a diuretic; 120 gr. and upward as a purgative. Potassoe citras: dose, 20 to 60 gr. Potassoe tartras: dose, 20 to 60 gr. as a diuretic and alterative; 120 to 200 gr. as a purgative. Potassoe tartras acida: dose, 20 to 60 gr. as a refrigerant or diuretic; 120 to 300 gr. as a hydragogue purgative (contained in confect. sulphuris). Potassoe sulphas: dose, 20 to 120 gr. as a purgative; smaller doses as an alterative. Potassoe nitras: dose, 5 to 20 gr. as a refrigerant and diuretic; 20 to 30 gr. as a vascular sedative. Potassoe chloras: dose, 5 to 20 gr. Trochisci potassoe chloratis: 5 gr. in each lozenge. Potassoe permanga-nas: dose, 1/2 to 4 gr. Liquor potassoe permanganatis (contains 4 gr. to the ounce - for external use, 1 fl. dr. to 5 or 10 oz. of water). Potassa sulphurata: dose, 3 to 6 gr. in pill (often used in much smaller doses in pill or in water - 1/10 gr. or even less for children). Unguentum potassoe sulphuratoe (should be recently prepared). Sapo mollis.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Potassa; Potassa cum calce (equal parts of potash and lime); Liquor potassoe; Potassii acetas; Liquor potassii arsenitis (4 gr. in 1 oz.); Potassii bicarbonas; Potassii bitartras; Potassii bromidum; Potassii carbonas; Potassii carbonas pura; Potassii chloras; Trochisci potassii chloratis (5 gr. of the salt in each); Potassii citras; Liquor potassii citratis; Mistura potassii citratis - neutral mixture; Potassii iodidum; Unguentum potassii iodidi (60 gr. in 1 oz.); Potassii nitras; Potassii permanganas; Liquor potassii permanganatis (4 gr. in 1 oz.); Potassii sulphas; Potassii sulphuretum; Potassii tartras; Potassii et sodii tartras - Rochelle salt; Pulveres effervescentes aperientes - Seidlitz powders.]