Treating Bubo With Nitric Acid (Acidum Nitricum)

The strong acid may, with advantage, be lightly pencilled over torpid suppurating buboes, to destroy the integument and stimulate to healthy discharge; should a sinus be formed, the upper wall should be touched in the same manner (Lancet, ii., 1867, p. 796).

Treating Bubo With Copper (Cuprum)

Good results have been obtained after surgical evacuation of a suppurating bubo, from injecting a weak solution of copper sulphate into the cavity. M. Danielli found this quickly diminish the secretion, which after simple opening is very apt to re-form (Bulletin de Therapeu-tique, 1868). M. Diday recommended a strength of 3 gr. to the ounce. The solid sulphate is a good application to syphilitic cracks, patches, and ulceration about the mouth and tongue.