Treating Enuresis With Bromine (Bromum)

In the simple enuresis of children, bromides may usually be relied upon. The good derived from them is probably due to "increasing the stability of resistance of the cells in the lower part of the spinal cord" (Gowers).

Treating Enuresis With Iron (Ferrum)

When this occurs in scrofulous children, or in those affected with worms, the perchloride or phosphate of iron gives ready help. One teaspoonful of Parrish's food, twice daily, in water, is an excellent remedy for the nocturnal as well as the diurnal form when arising from irritability of the mucous membrane of the bladder. The alternation of iron with tincture of belladonna, or bromide of potash, acts still better if there be much spasm of the sphincter, and combination with ergot has also succeeded well (Guimaud: Bulletin de Therapeutique, v., 63). Da Costa strongly recommends the bromide of iron in this malady.