Treating Gastric Ulcer With Silver (Argentum)

In so serious an organic disease, which must, of necessity, often end fatally, it is not surprising if the powers of the silver compounds have been called in question. Cases of marked relief, if not cure, by these remedies have, however, been recorded (Stille), and it seems reasonable to allow that if they can relieve ordinary gastritis, they may relieve the same condition when dependent on a local lesion; they lessen local congestion and local nerve-irritation, and in some cases, at least, they form a protective layer of albuminate, and probably thus relieve the pain of gastric ulcer.

Treating Gastric Ulcer With Arsenic (Arsenicum)

Not only in chronic inflammation, but in ulceration of the mucous membrane of the stomach, I have seen very beneficial results from arsenic, the appetite returning, and the thirst, the vomiting, and the pain subsiding, so that the patients became strong and stout who had before been weak and emaciated. Dr. Ringer has observed similar results, and states that he has seen relief from this remedy in chronic ulcer after failure of the more commonly-used medicines (Op. cit., p. 253).

I usually prescribe 1 to 5-min. doses four times daily with a little nourishment.