Treating Hoematuria With Aluminium

In bleeding from the kidneys, alum whey is also useful, but "iron alum" (double sulphate of iron and ammonia) is a still more active remedy, which has, in my experience, acted better than many others. In cases where blood comes from the mucous membrane of the bladder or urethra, and when pain, straining, and undue frequency of micturition are present, I have known speedy benefit follow the use of alum injections (20 gr. to the pint) into the bladder.

Treating Hoematuria With Iron (Ferrum)

The internal administration of perchloride of iron is not desirable in acute renal congestion, but I have occasionally met with chronic recurrent hemorrhage, apparently from the kidney, the subjects of which were anaemic and suffering from chilliness, nausea, faintness, etc., and who received much benefit from the perchloride. The dose should be from 15 to 30 min. every six hours, and its efficacy may often be increased by 2-gr. doses of ipecacuanha powder, given midway between. A very successful case illustrative of treatment by perchloride is reported by Vigla (Gazette des Hopitaux, 1858). In urethral and vesical bleeding the same treatment is very serviceable, and in the latter malady iron injections into the bladder have been employed with advantage, but the solution must be weak, for if rapid and solid coagulation of blood within the viscus were produced, the effects might be worse than those of the hemorrhage itself.