Treating Jaundice With Silver (Argentum)

Dr. Peebles (U.S.) has recorded several cases of jaundice in which rapid improvement followed the use of nitrate of silver given in 3/4-gr. doses twice daily for two to ten days: he attributes its good effects to its modifying the state of the mucous membrane, and relieving a chronic gastro-enteritis, and lessening the obstruction of gall-ducts by diminishing glairy mucus (American Quarterly Journal, July, 1849).

In catarrhal jaundice, with pain and functional stomach-disorder, Dr. Bartholow reports good results from similar treatment, which he compares to that by mercury or arsenic.

Treating Jaundice With Magnesium

Although the sulphate has no specific cholagogue action, it is a very suitable aperient in cases of jaundice. Dr. Budd recommends it in combination with the carbonate and aromatics, but I generally prefer one of the mineral waters before mentioned.