Treating Leucorrhoea With Silver (Argentum)

Injections of silver nitrate have been found effectual in the vaginal form of this disorder, the strength of application being proportioned to the duration of the malady: a drawback to its use is the staining of linen. (There are several varieties of leucorrhoea, and each must be treated on its own merits, as some will require internal remedies as well as injections - the checking of discharge by this or other astringents is only one part of successful treatment.)

In uterine leucorrhoea the discharge is glairy and stiffens the linen, and is accompanied with distinct suffering. It is usually connected with cervicitis or endometritis, and in chronic stages, especially when the os uteri is patulous, solutions, and even the solid nitrate, have been passed into the uterine cavity with good result (Dr. Henry Bennet): this, however, has led to some abuse of the remedy, and I have seen very painful symptoms connected with induration of the cervix and narrowing of the canal as a consequence of too prolonged a course of cauterization.

Treating Leucorrhoea With Iron (Ferrum)

In catarrhal and relaxed conditions of the vaginal mucous membrane, injections containing about 1 dr. of the tincture, or 10 gr. of sulphate of iron in each 1/2 pint of water, are often useful, but they have the drawback of staining linen. When the leucorrhoea is mainly dependent upon general debility, the internal administration of iron is often sufficient to relieve, without any injection; and in severe cases, occurring in anaemic and cachectic females with oedematous swelling (from excessive blood-losses), I have found the citrate of iron and quinine useful. Montgomery commonly recommended the pernitrate for leucorrhoea.

Treating Leucorrhoea With Lead (Plumbum)

In cases of purulent and muco-purulent discharge from the vagina, the urethra, the ear, etc., lead lotion is very useful, and may be used at any stage, since, if sufficiently dilute, it does not irritate, like alum and some other astringents. If, however, improvement is not obtained from weak dilutions, the full strength should be tried, and zinc sulphate may be added in the proportion of 1 or 2 gr. to the ounce of lead lotion.