Treating Pruritus With Iodine (Iodum)

In many varieties of this disorder - pruritus pudendi, pruritus senilis - iodine tincture locally applied often gives much relief.

In a case of hyperaesthesia of the vulva, without local lesion, but with severe "dyspareunia," powdering with iodoform rendered the parts quite insensitive to pain (Tanner). A tampon of iodoform had good results in another case.

Treating Pruritus With Citric Acid (Acidum Citricum)

A hot lotion containing citric acid is often serviceable in relieving itching.

Treating Pruritus With Nitric Acid (Acidum Nitricum)

A similar lotion will often relieve itching in papular and neurotic diseases, such as lichen and prurigo; it may be conjoined with prussic acid, or with the liquor carbonis detergens.

Treating Pruritus With Sulphuric Acid (Acidum Sulphuricum, Oil Of Vitriol)

In prurigo, lichen, and chronic urticaria, disorders attended with violent itching, a lotion containing 1 to 3 dr. of dilute acid in 8 oz. of water often relieves. Pereira says that its internal administration is also efficacious.

Angina. For relaxed surfaces coated with tenacious mucus dilute sulphuric acid is an excellent cleansing astringent: hence it is inconstant use as a gargle (1 to 2 dr. in 8 oz. of infusion of roses) for relaxed uvula, etc.; in weaker proportion it is also suitable for scarlatinal throat. The addition of 2 dr. of alum to the gargle often greatly increases its value.