Treating Ringworm With Acetic Acid (Acidum Aceticum)

Acetic acid (1 part in 3) has been applied in this disorder, and with good results, but other remedies are more commonly used.

Treating Ringworm With Hydrochloric Acid (Acidum Hydrochloricum)

Dr. Gee has found advantage from a lotion containing 1/2 oz. of sulphocyanide of potassium in 7 oz. of water with 1 oz. of glycerin, kept applied to the scalp. The effect must be watched, and a daily washing with soap and water practised.

Treating Ringworm With Iron (Ferrum)

The local use of iron in ringworm is an old practice, which has been recently revived (British Medical Journal, i., 1877). After cleansing the part, tincture of perchloride may be painted upon it three or four times, at a day or two's interval; a brown scale forms, which should be left undisturbed, glycerin will lessen the sense of dryness and constriction. I have found this treatment succeed in slight and recent cases; also in old ones, after more active remedies had been used, and it has the advantage of being not so unpleasant as some other applications.