Treating Unhealthy Wounds With Kalium (Potassium)

Several compounds of potash have valuable disinfectant and also alterative properties, especially the permanganate (Condy's fluid) and the chlorate, and when used in the form of lotion prove of the greatest service in removing foetor and promoting healthy action. For the bites of rabid animals its penetrating and alkaline powers render liquor potassae valuable; in snake-bite especially it should be applied locally as well as given internally; it fluidifies the blood and promotes bleeding from the bitten part (v. p. 285).

Treating Unhealthy Wounds With Natrium (Sodium)

Solution of chlorinated soda mixed with water in various strengths makes an excellent detergent and disinfectant gargle, lotion, or injection, but is rather a preparation of chlorine than of soda.