By an emetic of ipecacuanha, if necessary, the poison should be as far as possible removed, and then albuminous demulcent drinks freely administered. The white and yolks of raw eggs with milk are very suitable, or gluten may be prepared by washing flour in a muslin bag under a stream of water, or the flour itself may be given in a paste (Tanner). Opium may be required for the pain and purging, and, for the mouth-condition, gargles of alum or borax. For salivation sulphur has been strongly commended, and to promote elimination, when the acute symptoms have subsided, the iodide of potassium is to be advised. The symptoms of poisoning by corrosive sublimate are sometimes insidious, and after evacuating the stomach a principal indication is to sustain the strength. In a man under Dr. Mackey's observation, who had taken sublimate with suicidal intent and in large quantity, there were, at first, no symptoms, so that doubt was thrown on the history given with him when first brought to the Queen's Hospital. The stomach-pump was used, and for some days afterward he complained of nothing but slight abdominal pain and weakness. Milk and beef-tea were given - perhaps not in sufficient quantity - and stimulants were not ordered: he died in about a week, apparently more from asthenia than from irritant poisoning, but an inflammatory condition of the large intestine was found.

Therapeutical Action (External)

The destructive effect of mercurial compounds upon the lower forms of animal and vegetable life is extensively utilized in the treatment of parasitic diseases.