In acute albuminuria, the liquor ammoniae acetatis is often useful, as first noticed by Addison (Lancet, ii., 1855), and in diabetes, Barlow, Golding-Bird, and Bouchardat specially valued the carbonate as being a stimulant and a nitrogenous substance (Guy's Reports, vol. v., etc.). Basham recommended the phosphate to be given with the carbonate and lemon-juice (British Medical Journal, i., 1869). Prout also thought the citrate serviceable, but rather as a diaphoretic than as possessing specific powers. The sulphide has been recommended to lessen morbid appetite in diabetes, but it does not diminish the excretion of sugar (Garrod), and ammoniacal salts have not retained their reputation in this serious malady.

In Vesical Catarrh and Prostatitis, the chloride has proved useful, and in a case of irritable bladder, with pale urine of low sp. gr., and deficient in urea, much relief was apparently given by the citrate; the excretion of urea was at once increased under its use (Medical Times, ii., 1863). The benzoate of ammonia is valuable in chronic catarrhal cystitis, with phosphatic deposit; also in scarlatinal dropsy (Lancet, ii., 1861, Garrod: Medical Times, 1864).

Preparations And Dose

Liquor ammonioe fortior: dose, 3 to 10 min. well diluted, but seldom used internally. Liquor ammonioe: dose, 10 to 30 min. well diluted. Spiritus ammonioe foetidus (with asafoetida): dose, 30 to 60 min. Ammonioe carbonas: dose, 3 to 10 gr. or more as a stimulant; 30 gr. as an emetic. Spiritus ammonioe aromaticus (sal-volatile); dose, 15 to 60 min. Ammonii chloridum (sal-ammoniac): dose, 5 to 20 gr. or more. Ammonii bromidum: dose, 2 to 20 gr. Ammonii iodidum (not officinal): dose, 1 gr. and upwards. Liquor ammonioe acetatis (spirit of Mindererus): dose, 2 to 6 dr. diluted freely. Liquor ammonias citratis: dose, 2 to 6 dr. Ammonioe benzoas: dose, 10 to 20 gr. Ammonioe sulphidum (in solution): dose, 3 min. and upwards (seldom used: dangerous if incautiously given). Ammonias nitras: used only for making nitrous oxide. Ammonias phosphas: dose, 5 to 20 gr. freely diluted. Linimentum ammonioe (with olive oil), for external use. Compound camphor liniment also contains ammonia solution.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Aqua ammonioe, sp. gr. 0.960; Aqua am-monioefortior, sp. gr. 0.900; Linimentum ammonias: water of ammonia 1 fluidounce, olive oil 2 troyounces; Spiritus ammonioe; Spiritus ammonioe aromaticus; Liquor ammonii acetatis; Ammonii benzoas; Ammonii bromidum; Ammonii carbonas; Ammonii chloridum; Ammonii chloridum purificatum; Ammonii iodidum; Ammonii nitras; Ammonii sulphas - used in preparations; Ammonii valerianas, dose, 2 to 8 grains.]