Fibroid growths or indurations, especially those originating in the cervix, i.e., in the more glandular and secretory part of the uterus, often improve under the use of iodine or iodides. Dr. Ash-well long since described them as "melting down" under this treatment (Guy's "Reports," vol. i.), and mineral waters, of deserved repute in such cases, owe their efficacy to a combination of iodides and bromides (v. p. 118).

Direct injection of the drug into the growth is also a valuable resource with due precaution. I have injected 10 to 20 min. of an aqueous solution of iodine (half the strength of the British Pharmacopoeia tincture) in twenty-three cases of uterine fibroids of large size, and repeated the operation several times with encouraging results. Nearly all improved considerably under the treatment, and the tumors disappeared, in five instances, within twelve months of the first injection. Two cases suffered considerably from local inflammation, obliging the treatment to be discontinued after the third and fourth injections respectively; but both these cases eventually improved more quickly than any of the others.

In Passive Uterine Congestion tincture of iodine is often useful; and Dr. J. B. Schmidt has written to recommend minim doses for chlorotic subjects suffering from headaches, frequent menstruation, and diarrhoea ("Medico - Chirurgical Transactions," i., 1871).