Caraway acts like other aromatic substances, as described under Caryophyllum. It is extensively used as a flavouring and carminative agent.

Anethi Fructus - Dill Fruit. - The fruit of Anethum graveolens. Cultivated in England, or imported from middle and southern Europe.

Characters. - Oval, flat, about a line and a half in length, with a pale membranous margin. Odour aromatic; taste warm, somewhat bitter. R - 8

Substances resembling Dill: Conium, Anise, Fennel, Cara-way. Dill is winged.

Composition. - Dill contains the officinal volatile oil, which is pale yellow, with a pungent odour, and an acrid sweetish taste.


1. Aqua Anethi

Aqua Anethi. 1 in 10. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz.

2. Oleum Anethi

Oleum Anethi. Obtained by distillation. Dose, 2 to 5 min.

Action And Uses

The same as of other substances containing aromatic volatile oils. It is often given as a carminative to infants.

Sumbul Radix - Sumbul Root. - The dried transverse sections of the root of a plant the botanical history of which is unknown. Imported from Russia, and also from India.

Characters. - The pieces are nearly round, from 2 1/3 inches to 5 inches in diameter, and from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches in thickness. They are covered on the outer edge with a dusky brown rough bark, frequently beset-with short bristly fibres. The interior is porous, and consists of irregular, easily separated fibres. It has a strong odour, resembling that of musk. The taste is at first sweetish, becoming after a time bitterish and balsamic. That brought from India differs from the Russian, being closer in texture, more dense and firm, and of a reddish tint.

Composition. - Sumbul contains a small quantity of volatile oil, 9 per cent. of a soft resin with its characteristic odour, and a crystalline substance, sumbulic acid.

Preparation. Tinctura Sumbul. - 1 in 8. Dose, 15 to 30 min.

Action And Uses

Sumbul is a stimulant, like the aromatic oils in general, and specially resembles valerian and musk. It is used in the same class of cases as these drugs, to the account of which the reader is referred.