A resinous exudation from the stem of the Spruce Fir, Abies excelsa. Melted and strained; imported from Germany.

Characters.-Hard and brittle, yet gradually taking the form of the vessel in which it is kept; opaque, varying in colour, but generally dull reddish-brown; of a peculiar somewhat empyreumatic perfumed odour, and aromatic taste, without bitterness; free from vesicles; gives off no water when heated.

Composition.-Burgundy pitch consists of various resinous acids, as in ordinary resin, combined with oil of turpentine. A special volatile oil imparts to it its odour.

Preparation. Emplastrum Picis.-1 in 2. Pix Burgundica is also contained in Emplastrum Ferri.

Action And Uses

Burgundy pitch has a mildly stimulant action on the skin, and is used only for making plasters.