The dried leaves of Artanthe elongata. Imported from Peru.

Characters.-From two to eight inches long, veined and tesselated on the upper surface, downy beneath; with an aromatic, slightly astringent, warm taste, and an agreeable aromatic odour.

Substance resembling Matico: Digitalis. (See page 309.) Composition.-Matico contains a quantity of volatile oil, artanthic acid (crystalline), resin, and tannic acid.

Preparation. Infusum Maticae._-1 in 20. Dose, 1 to 4 fl.oz.

Action And Uses

Matico is said to resemble pepper and cubebs very closely in its action, and has been given in the same class of cases, but is not in general use. The physical character of the under surface of the leaf renders it a local haemostatic when applied to incised wounds, as it facilitates coagulation.