The preserved pulp of the fruit of Tamarindus indica. Imported from the West Indies.

Characters and Test. - A brown sweetish subacid pulp preserved in sugar, containing strong fibres and brown shining seeds, each enclosed in a membranous coat.

Impurity. - Copper; a piece of bright iron left in contact with the pulp for an hour does not exhibit any deposit of copper.

Composition. - Tamarind contains sugar, gum, tartaric acid, acid tartrate of potash, citric, acetic, and various aromatic acids.

Tamarind is contained in Confectio Sennae, about 1 in 8.

Action And Uses

Tamarind acts as a pleasant acid refrigerant and gentle laxative. For the former purpose it is prepared either as an infusion or as tamarind whey (1 part of the pulp to 30 parts warm milk), which is also a mild purgative, like the Confectio Sennae.