Acetic acid, 1 part diluted with water 7 parts, B.P., or acid 17, water 83, U.S.P.

Properties, Impurities. - The same as of acetic acid, except so far as they are affected by its dilution.

Dose. - 1 to 2 fluid drachms.

Preparations in which Diluted Acetic Acid is used.


Acetum Scillae.

Liquor Morphinae Acetatis.

Acidum Aceticum Glaciale, B. and U.S.P. - Glacial Acetic Acid, HC2H3O2; 60. Concentrated acetic acid, corresponding to at least 84 per cent. of anhydrous acid, C4H6O3, B.P. Nearly or quite absolute acetic acid, U.S.P.

Characters and reactions. - It crystallises when cooled to

34° F., and remains crystalline until the temperature rises to above 48° F. Specific gravity 1.065 to 1.066, and this is increased by adding ten per cent. of .water. At the mean temperature of the air it is a colourless liquid, with a pungent acetous odour, B.P.

At or below 15° C. (59° F.) a crystalline solid; at a higher temperature, a colourless liquid. When liquefied and as near as possible to 15° C. (59° F.) it has the sp. gr. 1.056-1.058. Its properties are similar to those of acetic acid, and it is similarly affected by reagents. U.S.P.

Preparations in which Glacial Acetic Acid is used.

b.p. Acetum Cantharidis. Mistura Creasoti.

Linimentum Terebinthinae Aceticum (p. 516).