The great power of certain volatile oils, such as those of onion or mustard, to irritate the eyes and cause secretion of tears is well known. The prolonged action of atropine diminishes the secretion. Eserine abolishes the action of atropine, and quickly increases the secretion.1

Projection Of The Eyeball

The non-striated muscular fibres which are contained in the orbital membrane and in both eyelids push the eyeball forward and draw the eyelids back when they contract. Like the dilator pupillae they are innervated by the sympathetic, and consequently some degree of protrusion of the eyeball is frequently produced by such substances as dilate the pupil, and especially by cocaine. Excessive pain, or an asphyxial condition of the blood, has a powerful action in producing this effect, so that in men subjected to torture in the Middle Ages protrusion of the eyeballs was noticed; and both in animals and men dying from rapid asphyxia the eyeballs may seem as if starting from the head.