Characters. - An olive-brown powder, which at a low red heat gives off oxygen and is reduced to the metallic state.

Solubility and Reactions. - It dissolves completely in nitric acid without the evolution of any gas, forming a solution which has the characters of nitrate of silver. 29 grains heated to redness leave 27 grains of metallic silver.

Dose. - 1/2 to 2 grains.

Uses. - It has been used internally in neuralgic pain in the stomach, irritable dyspepsia, and pyrosis. Another drug not unfrequently given in similar affections is creasote; but creasote and oxide of silver are incompatible, as the former becomes oxidised at the expense of the silver oxide, and the mixture may undergo spontaneous combustion. It has been used in haemorrhage from the stomach and lungs, and has been highly recommended in menorrhagia.