The ferment obtained in brewing beer, and produced by Sacckaromyces (Torula) cerevisiae.

Characters. - Viscid, semi-fluid, frothy, exhibiting under the microscope numerous round or oval confervoid cells (p. 83).

Dose. - 1/2-1 oz.


Cataplasma Fermenti. Yeast Poultice. - Mix beer yeast, 6 fl. oz., with water at 100° F., 6 fl. oz., stir in wheaten flour, 14 oz., and place the mass near the fire till it rises.

Use. - It has been given internally along with camphor and nitrous ether, in typhoid fever and dysentery, and to persons suffering from boils. The poultice is applied to sloughing sores. It is apt to cause much pain.

Algae. U.S.P. Chondrus. Chondrus. Irish Moss. - Chondrus crisp us and Chondrus mammillosus.

Characters. - Yellowish or white, horny, translucent; many-forked; when softened in water, cartilaginous; segments flat, wedge-shaped, or linear; at the apex emarginate or two-lobed; it has a slight seaweed odour, and a mucilaginous, somewhat saline taste. One part of it boiled for ten minutes with thirty parts of water, yields a solution which gelatinises on cooling.

Dose. - 2-4 dr.

Use. - It is a demulcent, which is useful in bronchial and catarrhal affections.