The dried bark of Galipea Cusparia, the Angostura bark tree.

Tropical America.

Characters. - Consists of flattish pieces or quills, grey outside, light brown inside; several inches long, about an inch in breadth, and one-eighth of an inch thick. Generally readily recognised by one edge being cut obliquely or feathered, from the oblique introduction of the knife by which the bark has been detached. Odour, peculiar; taste, bitter.

Composition. - A bitter substance, cusparine, and some volatile oil.

Adulteration. - The bark of Strychnos nux vomica.

Tests. - Nitric acid gives a blood-red colour when applied to the inner surface of the false bark from the brucine present in it, but gives a bluish-black colour with the true bark.



Infusum Cuspariae (1 in 20 at 120° F. for 1 hour)......

1-2 fl. oz.

Action and Use. - Cusparia is an aromatic bitter tonic, and is used in cases of atonic dyspepsia and in cases of weak digestion, especially during convalescence from acute diseases.