Characters. - Colourless or white six-sided prisms, or thin flexible scales, of a pearly lustre; permanent in dry air, odourless, having a nauseous, bitter taste and a neutral reaction.

Reactions. - The aqueous solution yields the reactions of calcium (p. G46). Dose. - 1-10 grains.

Officinal Preparation





Syrupus Hypophosphitum.............

1-2 fl. dr. (3.75 to 7.5 cc.).

U.S.P. Syrupus Hypophosphitum. Syrup of Hypophosphites. Consists of the hypophosphites of calcium (35), of sodium (12), and of potassium (12); citric acid (1), spirit of lemon (2), sugar (500), water q.s. to make 1,000.

Uses. - Hypophosphite of lime is useful in the early stages of phthisis (p. 717), and in nervous debility consequent upon overwork or worry. It may be given between two thin slices of bread and butter, if no irritability of the stomach be present. It is well to begin with a dose of two grains and gradually increase it, as otherwise it is apt to cause derangement of the digestion.

Calx Chlorinata, B.P.; Calx Chlorata, U.S.P. Chlorinated Lime. - Vide Chlorine (p. 549).