The fruit of Chenopodium ambrosioides, var. anthelminticum.

Characters. - Nearly one-twelfth of an inch (2 millimetres) in diameter, depressed-globular, glandular, dull greenish or brownish, the integuments friable, containing a lenticular, obtusely-edged, glossy, black seed. It has a peculiar, somewhat terebinthinate odour, and a bitterish, pungent taste.

Dose. - 10-40 grains.

U.S.P. Oleum Chenopodii

A volatile oil distilled from wormseed.

Use. - It is used as a vermifuge to expel lumbricoid worms. The powdered seeds, which possess the active medicinal virtues, may be combined with some agreeable elixir, or the essential oil may be given on a lump of sugar, or in emulsion in doses of 3-5 minims.