The turpentine obtained by incision from the stem of Pinus balsamea (Abies balsamea), B.P. A liquid oleoresin, obtained from Abies balsamea, U.S.P. Canada.

Characters. - A pale-yellow ductile oleoresin of the consistence of thin honey, with a peculiar agreeable odour, and a slightly, bitter, feebly acrid taste.

Composition. - An essential oil resembling oil of turpentine, and a resin.

Dose. - 10 to 30 grains.



Charta Epispastica. Collodium Flexile.

U.S.P. Collodium Flexile.

Uses. - Used in the preparation of collodion flexile and of charta epispastica; also to mount microscopic objects. It may be given internally as a stimulant to mucous membranes.