. Not officinal. - The bark of Gonolobus Cun-durango from Ecuador. It is said, however, that there are several species of plants yielding a bark known by the name 'Condurango.'

Characters. - Condurango is a climbing plant; the bark is generally of a greyish colour outside with a few adherent lichens, and occurs in thin, curled pieces.

Action. - It does not seem to have any definite physiological action. It has been stated by Gianuzzi to produce tetanus like strychnine. I found that an infusion injected into the jugular vein caused convulsions and death, but this appeared to be really due to embolism of the pulmonary vessels by fine particles suspended in fluid, for when injected into the peritoneal cavity the solution had no action.

Uses. - It has been recommended as a remedy in cancer, but is useless in this disease. It has been found beneficial, however, in cases of dyspepsia, and has been given also as an alterative in syphilis.