Characters. - Thin scales of a greenish golden-yellow colour, somewhat deliquescent.

Solubility. - It is entirely soluble in cold water.

Reactions. - The solution is very slightly acid, and is precipitated reddish-brown (iron) by solution of soda, white (quinine) by solution of ammonia, blue by the yellow (ferric) and red prussiates (ferrous) of potash, and greyish-black by tannic acid. The taste is bitter (quinine) as well as chalybeate.

Dose. - 5 to 10 grains.

U.S.P. Liquor Ferri et Quininae Citratis. Solution of Citrate of Iron and Quinine. (Citrate of iron and ammonium, 65; quinine, 12; citric acid, 28; alcohol, 30; distilled water up to 200.)

Dose. - 8 to 15 minims (1/2-1 c.c).



Vinum Ferri Amarum. Bitter Wine of Iron. (Solution of citrate of iron and quinine, 8; tincture of sweet orange peel, 12; syrup, 36; stronger white wine, 34.) Dose 1-2 fl. drs. (4-16 c.c).