The bark of Prinos verticillatus, Linne (Ilex verticillata, Gray).

Characters. - Thin, slender fragments, about one-twenty-fifth of an inch (1 millimetre) thick, fragile; outer surface brownish ash-coloured with whitish patches and blackish dots and lines, the corky layer easily separating from the green tissue; inner surface pale greenish or yellowish; fracture short, tangentially striate; nearly inodorous, bitter, slightly astringent.

Dose. - 30 grains.

Action. - It is an astringent bitter. It is employed in the form of a decoction, prepared by boiling two ounces of the bark in three pints of water down to two pints. This decoction is given internally, in doses of two or three fluid ounces, in diarrhoea and malarial disorders, and is used externally in indolent sores and chronic skin-diseases.