Opium. Hypodermically

Salines, 2. To precede the use of Lead Acetate


Veratrum Album


Aconite. 1 m. every hour

Amyl Nitrite, 1

Atropine, 2. Subcutaneously along with morphine

Belladonna. With camphor and opium, internally, very useful

Bromides. Especially of Potassium

Brominated Camphor, 4

Camphor, 2,3,4. Internally, useful in full doses

Cannabis Indica

Cantharis, 2, 3. One drop of tincture three times a day as prophylactic

Colchicum, 2. 3ss. of tincture at night


Digitalis, 1

Lupulin, 2, 4. As prophylactic

Morphine. Hypodermically, in perinaeum at night, most useful

Tartar Emetic, 2. If carried to the extent of producing nausea


Tobacco Wine, 2. Just short of nauseating at bedtime


Anilin, 1

Amyl Nitrite, 1

Antimony, 1, 3. In gradually increasing doses twice a day, to maintain nauseating effect

Apomorphine, 3

Arsenic. Useful sometimes; must be pushed till eyes red or sickness induced, then discontinued, and then used again

Belladonna, 1

Bromde of Iron, 4

Bromide of Sodium, 4

Calcium Chloride, 1, 2. In strumous subjects

Cannabis Indica, 2. May do good; often increases the choreic movements

Chloral Hydrate, 2,3,4. Sometimes very useful in large doses, carefully watched, also where sleep is prevented by the violence of the movements

Chloroform, 3. As inhalation in severe cases

Cimicifuoa, 3. Often useful, especially when menstrual derangement, and in rheumatic history

Cocculus, Picrotoxine, 2. In large doses

Cod-Liver Oil

Cold, 1, 3. To spine or sponging, but not with rheumatism, pain in joints, fever; best to begin with tepid water

Conium, 2,3,4. The succus is sometimes useful, must be given in large doses

Copper. The ammonio-sulphate in increasing doses till sickness produced

Curare, 1

Electricity, 1, 2. Static electricity

Ether Spray, 1. Instead of cold to spine

Hyoscyamus, 1

Iron, 1, 2,3. Chalybeate waters in anaemia and amenorrhoea

Lobelia, 4. Only in nauseating doses

Mineral Water Baths, 1

Morphine, 2, 3. Subcutaneously in severe cases, until effect is manifested; by mouth in combination with chloral best

Musk, 3

Physostigma, 3. Three to six grains of powder a day for children, ten to twenty for adult

Potassium Bromide

Quinine, 1

Silver, 3. The oxide and nitrate sometimes do good

Strychnine, 2. Useful at puberty, or in chorea from fright

Valerian, 3. To control the movements

Veratrum Viride, 3. Has been employed

Water. Cold affusion to spine useful

Zinc Sulphate, 1, 3. In small but very frequent doses, and when the nausea produced is unbearable another emetic to be used


Mercury Opiates

Climacteric Disorders.

Aconite. m j hourly for nervous palpitations and fidgets

Ammonia, 2, 3. As inhalation. Raspail's Eau sedative locally with headache. R Sodii chloridum, 3ij.; Liq. ammoniac, 3ij.; Spiritus camphorae, 3iij.; Aquam ad 3xxxij.

Ammonium Chloride. Locally in headache

Calabar Bean, 2. In flatulence, vertigo, etc.

Camphor, 3. For drowsiness and headache

Change of air and scene useful adjunct

Cimicifuga. For headache

Eucalyptol, 3. Flushings, flatulence, etc.

Hot Spongings, 3

Iron. For vertical headache, giddiness, and feeling of heat, fluttering of the heart

Climacteric Disorders.

Nitrite of Amyl. Where much flushed

Nux Vomica, 3. Useful where symptoms are limited to the head Potassium Bromide. Very useful Warm Bath Zinc Vialerianate


Belladonna. Plaster useful

Chloroform. Locally injected cottnter irritation


Surgical Treatment. In obstinate cases


Cold Water, 3. As prophylactic with friction and wrapping up Spinal Ice-bag, 3. For cold feet Strychnine

Colic, Intestinal.

Ammonia, 3. In intestinal colic, and in colic of children

Antacids, 4. In acidity

Arsenic. When pain is neuralgic in character

Asafoetida, 2, 4. To remove flatulence, especially in children and hysterical patients

Atropine, 4. In simple spasmodic colic

Belladonna, 3, 4. Especially in children and intestinal spasm

Chamomile Oil. In hysterical women

Chloral Hydrate, 3. Sometimes relieves

Chloroform. By inhalation, to remove pain and flatulence

Cocculus. During pregnancy

Essential Oils. Aniseed, 2, 3, 4. Cajeput, Camphor, Cardamoms, Cinnamon, Cloves, Peppermint, Rue, Spearmint. All useful

Ether, 2, 4. Internally and by inhalation


Ginger, 4. Stimulant carminative

Lime Water. In children, where due to curdling of milk

Milk Cure. In enteralgia

Morphine. Very useful

Nux Vomica. Useful

Opium, 3. In intestinal colic; if constipated, a purgative. With spirits of chloroform in renal and hepatic colic

Phosphate of Sodium. In hepatic colic, to prevent gall-stones forming

Potassium Bromide, 3. In local spasm in children, which can be felt through hard abdominal walls

Poultices. Large and warm, of great service

Tobacco. Dangerous

Colic, Lead.

Alum, 2, 4. Relieves the pain and constipation

Belladonna, 1

Bromides, 2. As solvents alone or with iodides

Castor Oil. Given twice a day to eliminate

Chloroform, 1. Internally and externally as liniment

Eggs, 1.

Electro-chemical Baths, 1

Iodide of Potassium, 2. Most useful in eliminating lead from the system, and combined with magnesium sulphate to evacuate it

Magnesium Sulphate. Most useful along with iodide of potassium

Milk, 1

Morphine, 2. Subcutaneously to relieve pain Sodium Chlordde, 1

Colic, Lead.