Sulphur, 1. To aid elimination Sulphur Baths

Sulphuric Acid, 1, 2. Dilute in lemonade as a prophylactic and curative

Colic, Renal and Hepatic, vide also Calculi.

Aliment. Abstain from starches and fats Alkalies. Alkaline waters very useful Baths. Warm, to remove pain Chloroform. Inhalation from tumbler during fit Counter-irritation. See Irritants, etc. Ether. Like chloroform Opium. In small doses frequently repeated, or hypodermically as morphine Turpentine


Blisters, 3. On various parts of the body in succession in the critical condition, especially at the end of a long illness

Cold Douche. In the drunkenness of opium, care must be taken not to chill, and it is best to alternate the cold with warm water

Croton Oil. As a purgative in cerebral concussion, etc.

Mustard. To stimulate

Potassium Bitartrate, 3. Purgative where the blood is poisoned

Turpentine. Enema as stimulant


Argentic Nitrate, 1. As caustic

Arsenic, 3. As caustic

Carbolic Acid, 2, 4. Locally

Chromic Acid, 1, 2, 4. 1-4 of water, locally, as caustic

Iodoform, 2. Locally applied

Mercury. Wash with chlorine water, or chlorinated soda, and dust with calomel and oxide of zinc in equal quantities

Nitric Acid. As caustic, or dilute solution as a wash

Thuja. Strong tincture, locally, small doses internally, useful

Zinc Chloride or Nitrate, 3. Locally, as a caustic or astringent


Alum. After acute symptoms have subsided, but not if the epithelium is denuded, since perforation may then take place

Argenti Nitras, 1. Solution of gr. iv.-3j. in purulent ophthalmia. The solid in gonorrhoeal ophthalmia, to be afterwards washed with sodium chloride solution, gr. iv.-3j.

Belladonna. Locally and internally

Bismuth, 1, 2. Locally, in chronic cases

Blisters. Behind ear

Cadmium. As a wash instead of copper or zinc; the sulphate, gr. j.-3j.

Castor Oil. A drop in eye to lessen irritation from foreign body

Copper Sulphate. As collyrium

Ergot, 1, 2. The fluid extract, undiluted, locally applied in engorgement of the conjunctival vessels

Euphrasia. As a mild astringent

Mercury, 3. As citrine ointment, very useful outside the lids in palpebral conjunctivitis

Opium. Liquid extract in eye relieves pain

Pulsatilla. As wash and internally

Tannin. As Collyrium

Zinc Sulphate, 3. As Collyrium


Aloes, vide Dinner Pill


Ammonium Chloride. In bilious disorders

Apples. Stewed or roast

Arsenic. In small doses

Belladonna Extract, 2, 3, 4. 1/16-1/2 gr. in spasmodic contraction of the intestine leading to habitual constipation; best administered along with nux vomica as a pill at bedtime

Bismuth, 3. Formula : ft Aluminii Sulphas, gr. jss.; Bismuthi Subnitratis, gr. j.; Extracti Gentianae, q.s.; flat pilula

Carlsbad Waters. Tumblerful sipped hot while dressing

Cascara Sagrada,4. In habitual constipation, mx.-xx. of fluid extract an hour or two after meals

Castor Oil. mx.-xx. in a teaspoonful of brandy and peppermint water before breakfast

Cocculus. When motions hard and lumpy, and much flatus

Cod-Liver Oil, 3. In obstinate cases in children

Coffee, 3. Sometimes purges

Colocynth, 3. Compound pill. Colocynth pill at night, or a few drops of Prussian tincture

Croton Oil. When no inflammation is present, very active

Dinner Pills. Aloes and myrrh; aloes and iron; with nux vomica and belladonna or hyoscyamus, taken just before dinner

Enemata, 2, 3,4. Soap and water, or castor oil; habitual use tends to increase intestinal torpor; should only be used to unload

Ergot. To give tone

Euonymin, 4. Cholagogue purgative in hepatic torpor

Fig. One before breakfast

Gamboge, 4. In habitual constipation

Guaiacum, 3. Especially when powerful purgatives fail

Honey. With breakfast

Hydrastis. Useful in biliousness

Ipecacuanha, 3. One grain in the morning before breakfast

Jalap, 3. Along with scammony

Lime, 3. Saccharated solution after meals

Liquorice Powder, Compound. A teaspoonful at night or in the morning

Magnesia, 3. Solution of bicarbonate, useful for children and pregnant women

Mercury, 3. In bilious disorders, stools light

Muscarine, 2. To increase peristalsis

Nux Vomica. mv.-x. in a glass of cold water before breakfast or before dinner

Opium, I. When rectum is irritable

Physostigma. mx. of tincture along with belladonna and nux vomica in atony of the walls

Podophyllum. Very useful, especially in biliousness; ten drops of the tincture at night alone, or the resin along with other purgatives in pill, especially when stools are dark

Prunes, 3. Stewed, often efficient. If stewed in infusion of senna they are still more active

Rhubarb Compound Pill, 3. At night; also for children, mixed with bicarbonate of sodium

Saline Waters. In morning, before breakfast; Friedrichshall, Hunyadi Janos, or Pullna

Senna. As confection, etc.

Soap, 3. Suppository in children

Stillingia. mx. of fluid extract

Strychnine, 4. In atony of the walls

Sulphates, 3. In purgative natural waters, in small doses; sulphate of potassium has been used in poisonous doses

Sulphur, 3. Sometimes very useful as a good addition to compound liquorice powder, as in that of the Prussian Pharmacopoeia

Tobacco, 2. m.v. of wine at bed-time, or cigarette after breakfast


Treacle. With porridge useful for children

Turpentine. In atonic constipation with much gaseous distension of colon

Water. Draught in the morning before breakfast

Whole-Meal Bread


Alcohol, 2. With meals

Bitters. The simple

Coca, 2. Either extract, or as coca wine for a nervine tonic Cod-Liver Oil Cream