Salicylate of Sodium Skim-Milk Diet Sodium Citrate Sodium Phosphate. As purgative


Aconite. In high fever and cutting abdominal pains

Alkalies, 3, 4. In small doses in diarrhoea of children, if due to excess of acid in the intestine, causing colic and a green stool

Alum, 4

Ammonium Carbonate, 3. In the after-stage if there is a continuous watery secretion

Ammonium Chloride, 3. In intestinal catarrh

Argentic Nitrate, 3. In acute and chronic diarrhoea as astringent


Aromatics, 4. In nervous irritability or relaxation without inflammation

Arsenic, 2, 3. A few drops of Fowler's solution in diarrhoea excited by taking food; in diarrhoea with passage of membranous shreds associated with uterine derangement; and along with opium in chronic diarrhoea of malarial origin.

Bael. Infusion to children

Belladonna, 4. In colliquative diarrhoea

Bismuth, 2, 3, 4. In large doses in chronic diarrhoea; with grey powder in the diarrhoea of children

Cajeput Oil, 4. Along with camphor, chloroform and opium in serous diarrhoea

Calcium Carbonate, 2. The aromatic chalk mixture in the diarrhoea of children, and in the diarrhoea of phthisis and typhus

Calcium Carbolate

Calcium Chloride. In the colliquative diarrhoea of strumous children, and in chronic diarrhoea with weak digestion

Calcium Phosphate, 3. In chronic diarrhoea, especially of children

Calomel, 2. In minute doses in chronic diarrhoea of children, with pasty white stools

Calx Saccharata, 1, 3. In the chronic diarrhoea and vomiting of young children

Camphor, 2, 3, 4. In the early stage of Asiatic cholera, at the commencement of summer diarrhoea, acute diarrhoea of children, and diarrhoea brought on by effluvia

Cannabis Indica, 1

Capsicum, 3. Prom eating fish; and in summer diarrhoea, and diarrhoea after expulsion of irritant

Carbolic Acid


Castor Oil and Opium, 3, 4. To carry away


any irritant; also alone in the diarrhoea of children

Catechu, 4. Astringent

Charcoal, 4. In foul evacuations

Chloral Hydrate, 1

Chloroform, 3. As spirits with opium after a purgative

Cocaine, 4. In serous diarrhoea

Cod-Liver Oil, 3. To children with pale stinking stools

Cold or Tepid Pack, 3. In summer diarrhoea of children

Copaiba, 4. From its local action in chronic cases

Copper Sulphate, 2, 3. 1/10 gr. along with opium in acute and chronic diarrhoea, associated with colicky pains and catarrh

Corrosive Sublimate, 3. In small doses in acute and chronic watery diarrhoea, marked by slimy or bloody stools, of children and adults; and diarrhoea of phthisis and typhoid

Coto Bark. In catarrhal diarrhoea


Dulcamara. In diarrhoea of children from teething and exposure

Ergot, 2, 4. In a very chronic diarrhoea succeeding to an acute attack

Erigeron Canadense

Eucalyptus, 4. In catarrh

Flannel Binder. Adjunct in children

Galls. In chronic diarrhoea

Guarana. In convalescence

Haematoxylon. Mild astringent, suitable to children from its sweetish taste

Ice to Spine, 3

Injection, 3. Of starch water, at 100° F., with tinct. opii and acetate of lead, or sulphate of copper in the choleraic diarrhoea of children

Ipecacuanha, 3. Drop doses of the wine every hour in the dysenteric diarrhoea of children, marked by green slimy stools

Iron Pernitrate, 3. Simple astringent

Kino. Astringent

Krameria. Astringent

Lead Acetate, 2, 3, 4. In suppository or by mouth; in the summer diarrhoea of children; with morphine of adults : with opium in purging due to typhoid or tubercular disease, in profuse serous discharge, and in purging attended with inflammation

Magnesia. Antacid in children

Mercury, 3. The grey powder in diarrhoea of children, marked by derangement of intestinal secretion and stinking stools; to be withheld where masses of undigested milk are passed; in adults, vide Corrosive Sublimate

Mineral Acids, 2, 4. In profuse serous discharges, and in cholera infantum

Nitric Acid. With nux vomica, to assist mercury, when due to hepatic derangement; combined with pepsin when this is the case with children

Nitro-hydrochloric Acid, 4. When it is an intestinal dyspepsia

Nitrous Acid, 4. In profuse serous diarrhoea, and the sudden diarrhoea of hot climates

Nux Vomica. In chronic cases

Oak Bark. Infusion astringent

Opium, 3, 4. In tubercular and typhoid diarrhoea; in acute, after expulsion of offending matter; as an enema, with starch, in the acute fatal diarrhoea of children

Pepsin. Along with nitro-hydrochloric acid in infantile diarrhoea

Podophyllum, 3. In chronic diarrhoea, with high-coloured, pale or frothy stools

Potassium Chlorate. In chronic cases with mucilaginous stools

Pulsatilla. In catarrhal


Rhubarb, 3, 4. To evacuate intestine


Rumex Crispus, 3. In morning diarrhoea Salicin, 2. In catarrh and chronic diarrhoea of children Salicylic Acid, 3. In summer diarrhoea and diarrhoea of phthisis Sulphuric Acid. Diarrhoea of phthisis Tannin with Opium, 2, 3, 4. In acute and chronic internally, or as enema Veratrum Album, 3. In summer diarrhoea Zinc Sulphate and Oxide, 3, 4. A stimulant astringent; of the oxide gr. iij. or gr. iv. for children


Alcohol. Freely given, very useful

Ammonium Chloride

Apomorphine. As an emetic

Argentic Nitrate, 2, 3. Of doubtful value

Arsenic. Internally

Belladonna, 2. At commencement, especially useful when tonsils much swollen and there is little exudation; later on, to support the heart

Benzoic Acid, 4. In large doses

Boric Acid or Borax, 3, 4. Glycerine solution locally

Bromine, 1. As inhalation

Carbolic Acid, 2, 4. As spray or painted on throat, internally with iron