Chloral Hydrate

Chlorinated Lime. Locally, as gargle or wash

Chlorine Water. Internally, locally in sloughing of the throat

Cold, 3, 4. Externally

Copper Sulphate. As emetic

Glycerine of Carbolic Acid, 3. Painted over twice a day

Guaiacum, 2, 3, 4. Internally.

Hydrochloric Acid, 2. Dilute as gargle, or strong as caustic

Iodine, 3. As inhalation

Iron, 2, 3, 4. The perchloride in full doses by the mouth, and locally painted over the throa

Lactic Acdd, 2, 3. A spray or local application of a solution of 3j.-3j. of water, to dissolve the false membrane

Lemon Juice, 1. Gargle

Lime Water, 4. Most serviceable in adults, as a spray

Mercury. Internally as calomel or cyanide,

1/20-1/40 of a grain. Papain. As solvent of false membrane

Pilocarpine, 2, 3, 4. Sometimes aids in loosening the false membrane

Potassae, Liquor. Internally.

Potassium Bichromate. As emetic

PotaSSium Chlorate, 2, 4. Internally in large doses frequently repeated, and locally as a gargle

Potassium Permanganate, 3. As gargle

Quinine, 3. Strong solution or spray

Resoroin, 2. Spray to the throat

Salicylic Acid. Locally as gargle, or internally

Sanguinaria. As emetic. Vide Croup

Sassafras, Oil of. As local application

Soda Chlorinata, 3. In a solution as gargle

Sodium Hyposulphite and Sulphites. fraternally and locally

Sodium Benzoate, 2. In large doses and powder unsufflated

Strychnine, 3. Subcutaneously for paralysis sulpho-carbolates, 2

Sulphurous Acid

Tannin, 3. 5 per cent. solution as a spray

Tolu, Balsam op


Aconite, 1, 3. At once in scarlet fever if temperature should rise Acupuncture, 3. In oedema about the ankles, to be followed up by hot bathing; not much use in tricuspid disease Ammonium Benzoate. In hepatic dropsy Ammonium Chloride. In hepatic dropsy Antihydropin, 1, 4. A crystalline principle extracted from cockroaches; is a powerful diuretic in scarlatinal dropsy; gr. xv. as a dose for an adult; the insect used in Russia Arsenic, 3. In dropsy of feet from fatty heart, debility, and old age

Asclepias Syriaca

Asclepias Syriaca And Apocynum

Broom. One of the most useful diuretics, especially in scarlatinal, renal, and hepatic dropsy

Bryonia. As drastic, purgative, and diuretic

Caffeine, 4. In cardiac and chronic renal dropsy

Cannabis Indica. As diuretic

Chenopodium Anthelminticum. In scarlatinal dropsy

Chimaphila, 2. In renal dropsy

Colchicum. In hepatic, cardiac, and scarlatinal dropsy

Convallaria, 3, 4. Used by the Russian peasantry

Copaiba, 2, 3, 4. Especially in hepatic dropsy and cardiac dropsies, not certain in renal

Digitalis, 2, 3, 4. In all dropsies, but especially in cardiac dropsy; infusion is the best form

Dry Diet, 2

Elaterium, 3, 4. Useful hydragogue cathartic, especially in chronic renal disease; should not be given in exhaustion

Erythrophlosum. In cardiac dropsy instead of digitalis

Gamboge, 4. Never to be used

Hellebore. In post-scarlatinal dropsy

Iron, 2. To correct anaemia; along with saline purgatives

Jaborandi, 2, 4. In renal dropsy with suppression of the renal function

Jalap, 3, 4. In some cases

Juniper, 2, 3. Exceedingly useful in cardiac, and chronic, not acute renal mischief

Milk Diet, 2

Nitrous Ether. Useful alone, or with other diuretics

Parsley, 2. A stimulant diuretic

Potassium Bitartrate and Acetate, 2, 3, 4. With compound jalap powder, most useful of the hydragogue cathartics

Potassium Iodide, 3. In large doses, sometimes a diuretic in renal dropsy

Potassium Nitrate. As diuretic

Saline Purgatives, 2

Senega, 4. In renal dropsy

Squill, 2, 3, 4. In cardiac dropsy

Strophanthus. In cardiac dropsy.

Sulphate of Magnesium, 3. A concentrated solution before food is taken


Turpentine. In albuminuria

Duodenal Catarrh.

Arsenic, 2. In catarrh of the bile-ducts as a sequela


Gold, 2. The chloride

Hydrastis, 2. In catarrh associated with gallstones


Nitro-Hydrochloric Acid




Aconite. With much fever

Alum, 3. To control the diarrhoea

Ammonium Chloride, 1

Argentic Nitrate, 1. As injection

Arnica. With much depression

Arsenic, 2, 3. Fowler's solution, along with opium, if due to malarial infection Belladonna

Benzoin. In chronic cases Bismuth, 1

Calomel, 4. In acute sthenic type Carbolic Acid

Castor Oil. In small doses, with opium Cathartics, 4. To cause local depletion Cold, 4. Enemata of ice-cold water to relieve pain and tenesmus Copaiba, 4. In some cases Corrosive Sublimate, 1, 3. In small doses in acute or chronic cases when stools are slimy and bloody Creasote Cupric Sulphate, 2. In acute, with sulphate of magnesium, and in later stage with opium; with opium in chronic Ergotin, 2, 4. In very chronic type Glycerine, 4. With linseed tea to lessen tenesmus Grape Diet, 2

Hamamelis. Where much blood in motions Injections, 3. In early stages, emollient; in later, astringent Iodine Ipecacuanha, 2, 3, 4. In 30-gr. doses on empty stomach, with complete rest; or as enema, with small quantity of fluid; milk is a good vehicle Iron, 2. Internally, or as enemata Lead Acetate, 2, 3, 4. By mouth, or as enema or suppository, along with opium Lemon Juice Magnesium Sulphate, 2. In acute cases, in early stage Nitrous Acid, 4. In the chronic dysentery of hot climates Nux Vomica, 2. In epidemic cases; and where prune juice stools and much depression Opium, 2, 3, 4. To check the diarrhoea, given after the action of a saline purge Potassium Bitartrate. In advanced stages where much mucus Potassium Chlorate, 4. As enema Qulnine Sulphate. In large doses in malarious cases, followed by ipecacuanha Soda Chlorinata. As enema Sulphur. In chronic cases Tannin, 2. Conjoined with milk diet in chronic disease Turpentine, 2. Along with opium when the acute symptoms have passed off; also in epidemic of a low type Zinc Oxide Zinc Sulphate, 2. By mouth or enema