Veratrine, 3. As ointment


Acacla Charcoal, 1

Acid, Phosphoric, 4

Alcohol, 4

Arsenic, 1

Barium Chloride, 1

Blisters, 3. To enlarged glands

Calcium Phosphate, 3

Calomel, 3

Chalybeate Waters, 2

Chloride of Calcium, 3

Cod-Liver Oil, 2, 3,4. Exceedingly serviceable

Fats, 1. Inunction

Galium Aparinum, 1

Cold Salts, 1

Iodides, 2

Iodide of Iron, 3, 4

Iodine, 3, 4. Locally to glands, and internally

Ii:on, 2, 3

Milk and Lime Water, 1

Peroxide of Hydrogen, 1

Pipsissewa, 4

Phosphates. 2. 4

Potassium Chlorate, 1

Sanguinaria, 2

Sarsaparilla, 2, 4


Soft Soap, 3 Stillingia, 2 Sulphides, 1, 3 Walnut Leaves, 1


Acids. As preventive in the absence of lime-juice

Aconite. In acute stomatitis with salivation in scorbutic conditions

Agrimonia, 1. Useful in the absence of other remedies

Alcohol. Diluted as gargle

Alum. Locally with myrrh for ulcerated gums

Ammonium Carbonate. In scorbutic diathesis

Arsenic. In some scorbutic symptoms

Atropine. Hypodermically when salivation

Cinchona. As decoction, alone or diluted with myrrh as gargle

Citric Acid. As substitute for lime-juice

Ergot, 1

Ergotin, Hypodermic Injection of, or Ergot by mouth to restrain the haemorrhage

Ferri Arsenias, 1. As a tonic where other remedies have failed

Ferri Perchloridi, Tinctura, 1. To restrain haemorrhage

Laricis, Tinctura, 1. Like Ferri Perchlor., Tinct.

Lemon Juice, 4. Exceedingly useful as preventive and curative

Liberal Diet often sufficient

Liquor Sodae Chlorlnatae. Locally to gums

Malt, 1. An antiscorbutic

Oranges. Useful

Phosphates, 1. Non-assimilation a cause

Potassium Blnoxalate. In doses of 4 grains three times a day; if not obtainable sorrel is useful instead

Potassium Citrate, 1. Substitute for lime-juice

Quinine. With mineral acids internally

Silver Nitrate

Tartar Emetic

Vegetable Charcoal. As tooth-powder to remove fetid odour

Vinegar, Very inferior substitute for lime-juice


Amyl Nitrite, 1. A few drops on handkerchief inhaled; the handkerchief must be held close to the mouth

Atropine, 3. 1/100 gr. hypodermically

Belladonna, 1. Like Atropine

Bitters, 2. Calumba, etc.

Caffeine Citrate, 1. For the headache

Cannabis Indica, 1. 1/3-1/2 gr. of the extract to relieve headache

Capsicum, 1.

Champagne, Iced, 1. Small doses frequently repeated

Chloral, 2, 3. 15 to 30 grs. every four hours most useful; should be given before nausea sets in; the combination with Potassium Bromide taken with effervescing Citrate of Magnesia is very good

Chloroform, 2, 3. Pure, 2-5 inin. on sugar

Chloric Ether. Stomachic tonic

Cocaine, 1. Infusion of Coca leaves quickly relieves

Counter-irritation. Mustard plaster or leaf to epigastrium

Creasote, 1

Hydrocyanic Acid, 1

Hyoscyamine, 1, 3. 1/60 gr. with the same quantity of strychnine

Ice, 1. To spine


Magnetic Belt, 1.

Morphine, 2. Hypodermically

Nitroglycerin*, 2. Same action as Nitrite of Amyl

Nitro-Hydrochloric Acid, 1. Formula : Acidi nitro-hydrochlorici, 3iij., Acidi hydrocyanici dil., 3ss., Magnesii sulphatis, 3ij., Aq., 3viij. 3j. ter die sumenda

Nux Vomica, 2. When indigestion with constipation

Potassium Bromide, 1. Should be given several days before voyage is begun

St. Etienne Arsenical Waters, 1.

Salt and Warm Water, 1.

Sodium Bromide. Like Potassium Salt


Borax, 4. With glycerine and lead acetate, as a local application Glycerine Iodine Lead Acetate. With borax and glycerine, as above Liquor Potassae, 2. Locally applied to hardened secretion Sodium Chloride Zinc Oxide, 2. In inflammation the following formula is useful : R Zinci oxidi, 3j.; Plumbi carbonat. 3j.; Cetacei, 3j.; 01. olivae, q.s.; ft.


Sexual Excitement.

Camphor, 3, 4. Will often control

Digitalis, 1. Anaphrodisiac; also diminishes quantity of seminal fluid Lupulus Humulus, 4. In large doses Opium, 1. Anaphrodisiac Potassium Bromide, 4. The most generally useful Stramonium, 1. In nymphomania, or epilepsy due to sexual excitement


Alcohol, 3. With care in febrile disorders

Butyl-Chloral. Like Chloral

Cannabis Indica. Instead of opium, when the latter does not agree

Chloral Hydrate, 3. In the high tension of Bright's disease; in delirium tremens, acute mania, and puerperal convulsions; contra-indicated by weak heart

Codeine, 3. A pure narcotic

Digitalis, 3. In want of arterial tone, marked by blood rushing to the head when the person lies down

Ether, 4. In full dose

Gelsemium, 2. In mania with motor excitement

Cold Sponging either of the whole body or feet only, followed by brisk rubbing

Hyoscyamine, 3. Sleeplessness of acute mania

Hop Pillow


Lettuce. A supper of lettuce and ale

Opium, 3, 4. In acute disease

Potassium Bromide, 3, 4. In over-work of any description; in alcoholic mania

Phosphorus, 2. Well combined with chloral in cerebral anaemia and in the aged

Urethane. Like Chloral

Warm Bath, 3. Or warm sponging

Wet Pack. Like the preceding in fever


Arsenic, 3. In paroxysmal sneezing, such as usually ushers in hay fever Belladonna, 1


Camphor, 3. As powder, or strong tincture inhaled in commencing catarrh

Chamomile Flowers, 1. In nares

Cotton Plug. In nares

Gelsemium. In excessive morning sneezings with discharge

Iodine. Inhalation

Mercury. Heaviness of head and pain in limbs

Potassium Iodide, 3. 10-gr. doses frequently repeated