Ferri Perchloridi Liquor. 1. To cause coagulation on injection into sac

Lead Acetate. Useful, combined with rest

Potassium Iodide. Very useful in doses of gr. xxx. Should be combined with the recumbent position

Veratrum Viride. Along with opium in quieting circulation

Angina Pectoris.


Arsenic, 1. To prevent paroxysms

Chamomile. In hysterical symptoms

Chloral. In full doses

Chloroform, 1. Cautiously inhaled to ease the pain Cold, 1. Applied to forehead gives relief Ether. To diminish pain, combined with opium in 1/4 gr. doses Morphine. Hypodermically

Angina Pectoris.

Nitrite of Amyl. Gives great relief during paroxysms; in atheromatous arteries must be used with care

Nitrites of Sodium and Potassium. Less rapid than nitrite of amyl, but have more power to prevent return of symptoms

Nitroglycerin. Like nitrite of sodium

Phosphorus. During intervals to lessen tendency

Potassium Bromide. In full doses will relieve the spasm

Quinine. When any malarious taint is present

Strychnine. Sometimes useful in mild cases, in very small doses

Turpentine. Locally to the chest during paroxysms

Anus, Fissure of.

Belladonna. Locally relieves spasms Benzoic Acid. As a local application Bismuth, 1. With glycerine, as a local application Calomel. As ointment Carron Oil, 1. As a dressing Castor Oil. To keep motions soft Chloral. Useful in dilute solution (2 per cent.) as a dressing Chloroform, 1. Diluted with half its bulk of alcohol, will aid healing Cocaine. In ointment Collodion. Locally, to protect Dilatation, Forcible. Relieves spasm Hydrastis. Local application Ice, 3. To relieve pain after operation Iodoform. Locally, to heal and relieve pain Iodo-tannin (solution of iodine in tannin).

Useful locally Opium and Gall Ointment. Relieves pain Potassium Bromide. With five parts of glycerine locally Rhatany, 1. Injected after the bowels have been opened by enema Sulphur. To keep motions soft Tannin. Useful as a local application


Aconite, 1. In the painful contraction of the throat of singers Alum. As spray in chronic congestion of throat and larynx, with hoarseness Ammonium Chloride. As vapour in laryngeal catarrh Argenti Nitras, 1. As local astringent Atropine. In hysterical aphonia; must be pushed to produce physiological symptoms Benzoin, Tincture of. Inhaled in laryngeal catarrh Borax. A piece the size of a pea slowly sucked in sudden hoarseness Chloroform, 1. In hysterical and nervous cases Electricity. Locally applied Ether. Like chloroform Glycerine of Taxnin. Locally, to pharynx Ignatia. Like atropine Ipecacuanha. Wine as spray in laryngeal catarrh Nitric Acid. In hoarseness from fatigue or indigestion Nux Vomica, 1. Locally applied in impaired nervous power Potassium Nitrate. Like Borax Rue, Oil of. As inhalation in chronic catarrh Sulphurous Acid. As spray or inhalation, in clergyman's sore-throat Turkish Bath. In acute laryngeal catarrh Uranium, Nitrate of. As spray in very chronic catarrh Zinc Sulphate, 1. Local astringent


Alumen Exsiccatum, 3. To aphthous ulcers which do not readily heal Argenti Nitras, 1. Local application Bismuth. As local application Borax. As honey or as glycerine, either alone or with chlorate of potassium Chlorine Water. Locally applied Copper Sulphate. Weak solution painted over the aphthae. Coptis Trifolia. Infusion is employed in New

England Glycerine. Hydrochloric Acid, 2. In small doses and as a local application Mercury. In the form of hydrarg. cum creta in children, to remove the indigestion on which aphthae frequently depends Mineral Acids. Dilute solution as paint Nitric Acid. In small doses Potassium Chlorate. Exceedingly useful as wash, 10 grs. to the oz., alone or with borax, also given internally Potassium Iodide. As local application, solution of 1-5 grs. to the oz. Quinine. 1 gr. every two or three hours, in aphthae in infants consequent on diarrhoea Rhubarb. To remove indigestion, as compound rhubarb powder Salicylic Acid. As local application Sulphurous Acid. As solution or spray, well diluted


Aconite. To lower blood-pressure and prevent further haemorrhage, where pulse is strong and arterial tension high

Arsenic, 1. In cerebral congestion preceding apoplexy

Cold Water. To the head when face congested

Colocynth. As purgative

Croton Oil. As purgative, one drop on back of tongue, or part of a drop every hour

Diet and Hygiene, Prophylactic. Butcher's meat and stimulants to be taken very sparingly, exposure to heat, over-exertion, and especially anger, to be avoided

Elaterium. In suppository, or as enema, during attack

Electricity. To promote absorption, after partial recovery has taken place

Ice. To head

Nitroglycerin. To lessen cerebral congestion

Potassium Bromide. In combination with aconite

Potassium Iodide. To cause absorption of effused blood

Stimulants. Cautiously exhibited when collapse is present venesection or Leeches, 1. To relieve arterial pressure when apoplexy is threatening

Appetite, Impaired.

Cannabis Indica, 1. Produces an enormous appetite Food. Savoury, well-cooked Glycerine. Ignatia. Corrects diseased appetite and hysteria Low Diet.

Nitric Acid In low doses with a bitter Peftones. Strychnine. Especially in Phthisis

Ascaris Lumbricoldes



Carbolic Acid. As an enema; unsafe

Mucuna, 2. As an electuary

Quassia. As an enema


Spigelia. Like Santonin; to be preceded in a purgative Turpentine. Valerian. In convulsions


Acidum Nitricum, 1. In cirrhosis of the liver Aconite. In scarlatinal nephritis at the onset of the attack Apocynum Cannabinum. As diuretic Arsenic. In old persons with feeble heart Asclepias. In dropsy of cardiac origin Caffeine, 1. In cardiac dropsy Calomel. As diuretic in cardiac dropsy Cannabis Indica, 1, 3. As diuretic in acute and chronic Bright's disease with haematuria Copad3A. Especially useful in hepatic and cardiac dropsy Croton Oil. In dropsy, in 1/3 of a drop doses every morning Cytisus Scoparius, 2. In cardiac dropsy and dropsy with chronic Bright's disease Digitalis. Best in cardiac dropsy; its action is increased by combination with squill and blue pill Elaterium. As hydragogue cathartic Gamboge. Like Elaterium. Large doses tolerated Jaborandi. In anasarca and uraemia Jalap. In compound powder as hydragogue cathartic Milk Diet. Sometimes very useful when kidneys are inadequate Podophyllin, 1. In hepatic cirrhosis Potassii Tartras Acida. In combination with Jalap in hepatic cirrhosis Squills, 1. As diuretic in cardiac dropsy. Stillingia. In hepatic dropsy