Spinal Affections.

Arsenic, 2. With quinine in malarial enlargement; alone in simple engorged spleen; in typho-malarial fever; and prophylactic in malaria

Spinal Affections.

Cold Affusion, 2. To reduce the engorged

Ergot 1. In relapsing intermittent fever associated with permanently enlarged spleen Gelsemium, 2. Beneficial in cases in which arsenic is, but not specific Grape Cure

Hydrastis, 2. Less powerful than quinine Iodine and Iodides, 2. To promote absorption of the enlarged spleen in simple hypertrophy Manganese, 2. To remedy anaemia if present Mercuric Biniodide. The ointment applied over the splenic area rapidly produces absorption in simple enlargement Muscarine, 2. In vascular dilatation Nitric Acid, 1. Long course in syphilitic and cachexia with enlargement of the spleen Plumbic Iodide, 2. Like mercuric iodide Quinine, 2, 3, 4. Almost a specific in the malarial enlargement of the spleen Resorcin, 2. Like and equal to quinine

Splenic Affections.

Aconite Ammonium Iodide


Aconite Liniment. Well rubbed in Alcohol. Methylated spirit in four of water applied to sprain continuously and allowed to evaporate Ammonium Chloride, 1. Prolonged application of cold saturated lotion Arnica, 3. Much vaunted, little use Bandaging, 1. To give rest to the injured ligaments Calendula. As a lotion Camphor, 4. A stimulating liniment Cold Douche, 1, 3. Collodion, 1. A thick coating to exert a firm even pressure as it dries Hot Fomentations, 1. Early applied Inuction of Olive Oil, 1. With free rubbing Iodine. To a chronic inflammation after a sprain Lead Lotions. Applied at once to a sprained joint Oil of Bay Rest

Rhus Toxicodendron. Lotion Shampooing. After the inflammation has ceased, to break down adhesions Strapping, 1. To give rest Turpentine Liniment. A stimulant application to be well rubbed in Vinegar, 4. Cooling lotion




Vocal Training the most useful


Alkaline Injections, 1. In excessively acid secretions from the vagina Aurum, 2. Where due to chronic metritis, ovarian torpor or coldness; also in decline in the sexual power of the male Borax. Vaginal injection in acid secretion Cantharides. As a stimulant where there is impotence in either sex Cimicifuga, 2. In congestive dysmenorrhoea Dilatation of Cervix in dysmenorrhoea, in pinhole os uteri, and in plugging of the cervix with mucus

Electrical Stimulation of Uterus, 1. In torpor


Gossypii Radix, 4. In dysmenorrhoea with sterility Guaiacum, 1. In dysmenorrhoea with sterility Intra-uterine Stems, 1. To stimulate the lining membrane of the uterus Key-tsi-Ching, 1. A Japanese remedy for female sterility Phosphorus, 2. Functional debility in the male Potassium Iodide. An emmenagogue

Stings and Bites.


Alum, 1. For scorpion sting

Ammonia and Alkalies, 3. In stings of insects, to neutralise the formic acid; and in snake-bite

Aqua Calcis, 1. In stings of bees and wasps

Arsenic. As a caustic


Carbolic Acid. Mosquito-bites and scorpion-stings

Chloroform, 1. On lint

Essence of Pennyroyal, 1. Against mosquitos

Eucalyptus, 1. Plant in room to keep away mosquitos

Ipecacuanha, 1. Leaves as poultice for mosquito and scorpion bites

Mint Leaves

Oil of Cinnamon. 3j. to 3j. spermaceti ointment spread over hands and face against mosquitos

Oil op Cloves. The same

Potassa Fusa. In dog-bites a most efficient caustic

Removal op Sting



Silver Nitrate. A caustic, but not sufficiently strong in dog-bites

Soap, 1. To relieve itching of mosquito-bites


Sugar. Pounded, in wasp-stings


Acids, Mineral, 3. Nitro-hydrochloric acid as gargle or internally ulcerative stomatitis

Alcohol, 2. Brandy and water, a gargle in mercurial and ulcerative stomatitis

Alum, 3. Burnt alum applied locally in ulcerative stomatitis

Argentic Nitrate, 1. In thrush locally

Bismuth, 2. In aphthae of nursing children, sore mouth, dyspeptic ulcers, mercurial salivation, locally applied

Borax, 1. In thrush and chronic stomatitis

Boric Acid, 3. Lotion of 1 in 50

Carbolic Acid, 4. Strong solution locally to aphthae

Copper Sulphate, 3. Locally in ulcerative stomatitis, and to indolent ulcers and sores

Cornus. Astringent

Eucalyptus, 2. In all forms

Glycerine of Tannin, 3. In ulcerative stomatitis

Hydrochloric Acid, 2. Concentrated in gangrenous stomatitis; dilute in mercurial, aphthous, etc.

Hydrastis, 2. Fluid extract locally

Iris. In dyspeptic ulcer

Krameria, 2. Local astringent

Lime Water, 3. In ulcerative stomatitis

Mercury. In dyspeptic ulcers, grey powder

Potassium Chlorate, 1, 2, 3, 4. The chief remedy locally and internally

Potassium Iodide, 1. In syphilitic ulceration

Rubus, 2. Astringent

Salicylic Acid, 3. One part in sufficient alcohol to dissolve, to 50 of water, in catarrhal inflammation to ease the pain


Atropine. To lessen converging squint when periodic in hypermetropia Eserine. To stimulate the ciliary muscles in deficient contraction Eletricity hyoscyamus Mercury. Like Iodide of Potassium


Potassium Iodide. In syphilitic history if one nerve only is paralysed

Shade over One Eye. In children to maintain acuity of vision

Suitable Glasses. To remedy defective vision


Antimonium Crudum

Borax And Bran Bath. If skin is irritable Carbonate of Calcium Chamomile Glycerine Lancing the Gums Lead Lotions. To act as astringents Mercury. Grey powder if stools are pale Milk Diet Pulsatilla

Spiritus aetheris Nitrosi. In S. confertus where there is deficient secretion of urine


Aconite, 1. Not to be used with a weak heart Alcohol, 1. Is afterwards always a poison Ammonia, 1. For its diaphoretic action Apomorphine, 1. 1/16 grain at once counteracts symptoms Artificial Respiration Belladonna