Bleeding, 1. In extreme venous congestion Brandy. In small doses in collapse Camphor

Chloroform. In convulsions Digitalis, 1. To stimulate heart Ergot, 1. By the mouth or subcutaneously Gelsemium

Hot Bath. In collapse Ice, 1. To reduce temperature. Ice drinks as well Leeches Nitrite of Amyl


Potassium Bromide, 1. To relieve the delirium Quinine. In thermic fever


Tea. Cold, as beverage instead of alcoholic drinks Veratrum Viride Water, Cold. Affusion Wet Sheet. Where the breathing is steady, otherwise cold douche


Alcohol, 2. To be watched

Ammonium Carbonate. In combination with bark

Calcium Salts, 2. To repair waste

Carbolic Acid, 2. Lotion and dressing

Cinchona. As tonic, fresh infusion is best

Hypophosphites, 1. Tonic

Iodide of Iron. Tonic

Iodide of Manganese. Tonic


Phosphates. Like the hypophosphites

Quinine. Tonic

Sarsapauilla. Tonic

Sulphides, 3. When a thin watery pus is secreted, to abort, or hasten suppuration

Surgical Fever.




Salicylic Acid

Tinctura Ferri Perchloridi, 1. As a prophylactic

Veratrum Viridi. To reduce the circulation and fever


Arsenici et Hydrargyri Iodidi, Liquor. Where there is much chronic thickening

Canada Balsam and Carbolic Acid, 1. In equal parts, to be applied after epilation in tinea sycosis

Chloride of Zinc, 1. Solution in tinea sycosis

Chrysarobini, Ung. In parasitic sycosis

Cod-Liver Oil. In chronic non-parasitic

Hydrargyri Acidi Nitratis, Ung.

Hydrargyri Ammoniatum, Ung. In parasitic

Hydrargyri Oxidi Rubri, Ung.

Iodide of Sulphur Ointment, 1. In nonparasitic

Oleate of Mercury, 2, 3. In parasitic

Oleum Terebinthinae, 1. Like the preceding


Sulphurous Acid. Like preceding


Zinci et Cupri Sulphas, 1



Alcohol, 3, 4. Sudden, from fright or weak heart

Ammonia, 3, 4. Inhaled cautiously; the carbonate internally

Arsenic. Nervine tonic, prophylactic

Belladonna, 1. In cardiac syncope

Camphor. Cardiac stimulant

Chloroform, 3. Transient cardiac stimulant. Mostly in hysteria

Cold Douche

Counter-irritation to Epigastrium, 1. In collapse

Digitalis, 4. In sudden collapse after haemorrhage; the tincture by the mouth, digitalin hypodermically

Ether, 4. In collapse from intestinal colic


Heat to Epigastrium, 1



Nitrite of Amyl, 1, 4. In sudden emergency, in fatty heart, in syncope during anaesthesia, and in haemorrhage

Position. Head lowest and feet raised

Stimulants, 1. Undiluted

Veratrum Album. An errhine



Alcohol and Water. Equal parts

Antimony. Combined with saline purgatives


Bandage or Strapping. Martin's elastic bandage in chronic

Blisters. Plying blisters at night in chronic synovitis; if not useful, strong counter-irritation

Calcium Sulphide. As a general tonic

Carbolic Acid, 2. Injections of 3j. of a 2 per cent. solution into the joint

Carbonate of Calcium

Cod-Liver Oil. Tonic

Conium, 1. In scrofulous joints



Iodine. Injection in hydrarthrosis after tapping, or painted over Iodoform, 1. Solution in ether, 1 in 5, injected into tuberculous joints; as a dressing after opening Mercury. Scott's dressing in chronic strumous disease. Internally in syphilitic origin Oleate of Mercury. To remove induration left behind Potassium Iodide Pressure, combined with rest Shampooing and Aspiration, 1 Silver Nitrate, 2. Ethereal solution painted over Splints Sulphur


Acid, Acetic, 1. Caustic to sore

Acid, Carbolic, 2. To destroy sore, mucous patches, condylomata, etc.; as bath in second stage

Acid, Nitric, 1, 3, 4. In primary syphilis, to destroy the chancre, especially when phagedenic. The nitro-hydrochloric acid in constitutional syphilis

Ammonium Iodide, 1. Prescribed with excess of the carbonate in tertiary symptoms; as ointment to nodes, etc, in nocturnal pains

Aurum, 2. In recurring syphilitic affections where mercury and iodide of potassium fail

Bamberger's Peptone, 1. Mercurialised

Benzoin, 2. Antiseptic dressing for ulcers

Bicyandde of Mercury, 1. To destroy mucous tubercles, condylomata, and to apply to syphilitic ulceration of the tonsils and tongue

Boric Acid. Like Benzoin

Calcium Sulphide

Calomel, 1, 2, 3, 4. For vapour bath in secondary; dusted in a mixture with starch or oxide of zinc over condylomata will quickly remove them

Camphor, 1. Dressing in phagedenic chancres

Cauterisation, 1

Cod-Liver Oil. Tonic in all stages

Creasote. Internally in strumous subjects, and where mercury is not borne

Denutrition, 2. Hunger-cure of Arabia

Guaiacum, 2, 4. Alterative in constitutional syphilis

Iodide of Iron, 3. In sloughing phagedena; in tertiary with anaemia

Iodide of Starch

Iodoform, 1, 2, 4. Dressing for chancre and ulcers

Iron, 1, 2, 3, 4. In anaemia, the stearate per-chloride and iodide are useful

Lotio Flava. Dressing for syphilitic ulcers

Lotio Nigra. Dressing for syphilitic ulcers, and gargle in sore throat and stomatitis

Manganese, 2. In cachexia

Mercury, 1, 2, 3, 4, The specific remedy in one or other of its forms in congenital and acquired syphilis in primary or secondary stage

Oil of Mezereon. In constitutional syphilis

Oil of Sassafras. In constitutional syphilis

Phosphates, 4. In syphilic periostitis, etc.

Podophyllum, 1. Has been tried in secondary, with success after a mercurial course

Potassium Chlorate, 1, 2, 4. Local application of powder to all kinds of syphilitic ulcers, gargle in mercurial and specific stomatitis