Potassium Iodide, 1, 2, 3, 4. The specific for all forms of tertiary syphilis where there has been a mercurial course; also in combination with mercury

Salicylic Acid, 2. Antiseptic application

Sarsaparilla, 1, 2, 4. Alterative in tertiary

Soft Soap, 3. To syphilitic glandular swellings


Stillingia, 2. Most successful in cases broken down by a long mercurial and iodide course which has failed to cure; improves sloughing phagedenic ulcers

Suppositories of Mercury, 1

Turkish and Vapour Baths, 2. To maintain a free action of the skin

Wet Pack

Zinc Chloride, 1, 3. Locally to ulcers as caustic

Tabes Mesenterica.


Arsenic. In commencing consolidation of the lung Barium Chloride, 1. In scrofula Calcium Chloride. In enlarged scrofulous glands Cod-Liver Oil Diet, plain and nourishing Fatty Inunction, 1 Ferri Pernitratis, Liquor, 1. Haematinic and astringent Gallic Acid, 1. Astringent in the diarrhoea of Gelsemium, 2. In the reflex cough of Iodine

Olive Oil. Inunction Phosphates, 2. As tonic Phosphoric Acid Sarsaparilla


Agrimonia, 1. Caffre remedy

Alanthus Glandulosa, 2. The oleoresin or decoction

Alum, 3. As injection

Areca Nut

Balsam of Copaiba, 1. In half-ounce doses

Carbolic Acid, 2

Chenopodium Oil, 4. 10 drops on sugar

Cocoa Nut, 1. A native remedy

Cod-Liver Oil. Tonic

Creasote, 1

Ether, 1, 4. An ounce and a half at a dose, followed by a dose of castor oil in two hours

Filix Mas, Oil of. Followed by purgative

Iron. Tonic



Mucuna, 4. Night and morning for three days, then brisk purgative

Myrzina Africana, 1. Used in Upper Egypt, to which it is native

Papaya, 1

Pelletierine, 3. The tannate

Pumpkin Seeds, 4. Pounded into an electuary, 3ij. at dose

Punica Granatum, 1, 4. The same as its chief alkaloid, pelletierine

Quinine. As tonic

Resorcin, 2

Salicylic Acid, 2. This and the preceding to-be followed by a purgative

Sulphuric Acid, 1. The aromatic acid

Turpentine, 2

Valerian, 3. In convulsions due to the worms

Testicle, Diseases of.

Aconite. In small doses frequently repeated in acute epididymitis Ammonium Chloride, 2. Solution in alcohol and water, topical remedy Antimony, 3. In gonorrhoeal epididymitis Belladonna. In neuralgia of the testis. As an ointment with glycerine in epididymitis or orchitis

Testicle, Diseases of.

Collodion. By its contraction to exert pressure on, in gonorrhoeal epididymitis

Compression, 1. At the end of an acute and beginning of a subacute attack, as well as chronic inflammation

Conium. Poultice of leaves in cancer

Copaiba, 1. In orchitis

Digitalis. 1. In epididymitis

Gold Salts. In acute and chronic orchitis

Hamamelis. In some patients gives rise to seminal emissions

Hot Lotions. In acute inflammation

Ice Bag, 2,3. In acute orchitis

Iodine, 1, 2. Injection into an encysted hydrocele; local application in orchitis after the acute symptoms have passed off

Iodoform, 1, 2. Dressing in ulceration

Magnesium Sulphate. With antimony in epididymitis

Mercury and Morphine Oleate, 1, 2, 3. In syphilitic enlargement and chronic inflammation

Nitrate of Silver, 2, 4. Ethereal solution painted around an enlarged testis better than over

Nux Vomica. In debility

Phosphoric Acid and Phosphates. In the same condition

Potassium Bromide

Potassium Iodide. In syphilitic testicle

Pulsatilla. In very small doses along with aconite

Suspension. In orchitis and epididymitis


Aconite, 1. In large doses to control muscular spasm

Acupuncture, 1. On each side of the spines of the vertebrae

Alcohol, 1. Will relax muscular action, also support strength

Anaesthetics, 1. To relax muscular spasm

Antimonium Tartaratum, 1. In large doses, along with chlorate of potassium

Apomorphine. As a motor paralyser


Atropine, 1, 2. Local injection into the stiffened muscles to produce mild poisoning. Useful both in traumatic and hysterical tetanus

Bromide of Potassium, 1, 2, 4. In very large doses frequently repeated does good

Cannabis Indica, 1, 4. Serviceable in many cases; best combined with chloral

Chloral, 1, 2, 3, 4. In large doses; best combined with bromide or cannabis indica

Conium, 1, 3. Injection of mxv. every two hours of the following formula, increasing the dose, has done good. R Coninae, mij.; Acidi sulphurici dil. mj.; Aquae, 3j.

Curare, 2. An uncertain drug

Duboisine, 2. Like atropine

Freezing the Nerve, 1. In traumatic tetanus has been proposed

Gelsemium, 2, 3. In a few cases it has done good

Heat to Spine, 1. Will arrest convulsions

Hyoscyamus. In traumatic

Ice-bag to Spine, 1

Lobelia, 4. A dangerous remedy

Morphine, 2. Injected into the muscles gives relief

Nerve-stretching, 1. Where a nerve is implicated in the cicatrix has done good

Neurotomy, 1. In the same cases

Nicotine, 1, 2. Cautiously administered relieves the spasm; best given by rectum or hypodermically; by the mouth it causes spasm which may suffocate


Nitrite of Amyl, 1, 2, 3, 4. In some cases it cures

Nitro-glycerin, 2. Like the preceding

Opium, 1. Alone or with chloral

Physostigma, 2, 3,4. The liquid extract pushed to the full. Given by the mouth, or rectum, or hypodermically

Quinine, 1. In both idiopathic and traumatic tetanus

Strychnine, 1, 2. The evidence, which is doubtful, seems to show that it is beneficial in chronic and idiopathic tetanus; should only be given in a full medicinal dose

Vapour Baths

Warm Baths

Thread-Worm (Oxyuris Ver-micularis).

Aconite, 2. In the fever produced Alum, 3. Injections