Asafoetida With Aloes, 1

Carbolic Acid, 1. Solution, gr. ij. to 3j. in doses of 3j.; or as enema

Castor Oil

Chloride of Ammonium, 3. To prevent accumulation of intestinal mucus, which serves as nidus

Common Salt, 3. Along with antimony to remove catarrhal state of intestine, or alone as enema

Enema Aloes

Enema Quassiae, 1, 2, 3. Or infusion by mouth

Ether (Sulphuric), 1. Injection of solution of mxv. in water

Eucalyptol, 2, 3. Injection

Ferri Perchloridi, Tinct., 1, 3. Enema

Lime Water. Enema

Mercurial Ointment, 1. Introduced into the rectum relieves itching and is anthelmintic

Oleum Cajuputi, 4

Ol. 0liv, 1 Ol. Terebinthineae Santonica, 3 Santonin, 3

Scammony, 3. For thread-worms in rectum Tannin. Enema Tonics

Vinegar. Enema, diluted with twice its bulk of water

Throat, Sore.

Aconite. In acute tonsillitis with high temperature; in the sore-throat of children before running on to capillary bronchitis; best given frequently in small doses

Alcohol, 3. Gargle in relaxed throat

Alum, 3, 4. Gargle in chronic relaxed throat, simple scarlatinal and diphtheritic sore-throat

Arsenic, 3. In coryza and sore-throat simulating hay fever; in sloughing of the throat

Balsam of Peru

Balsam of Tolu

Belladonna, 1, 3, 4. Relieves spasm of the pharyngeal muscles; also when the tonsils are much inflamed and swollen

Capsicum, 3. As gargle in relaxed sore-throat

Carbolic Acid, 4. As a spray in relaxed sore-throat and in coryza

Catechu. Astringent gargle

Chlorine Water, 4. Gargle in malignant sore-throat

Cimicifuga, 2. In combination with opium and syrup of tolu in acute catarrh

Cold Compresses, 3. In tendency to catarrh

Electric Cautery, 1. In chronic sore-throat, to get rid of thickened patches

Throat, Sore.

Ferri Perchloridum. Gargle in relaxed sore-throat

Glycerine of Tannin, 3. To swab the throat with in the same condition

Guaiacum, 1. Sucking the resin will abort or cut short the commencing quinsy

Hydrastis, 2. Gargle in follicular pharyngitis and chronic sore-throat

Ice, 1, 3. Sucked, gives relief

Iodine, 1, 3. Locally to sores and enlarged tonsil

Ipecacuanha, 3. As spray in congestion of upper pharynx

Liq. Ammonii Acetatis. In full doses

Magnesium Sulphate. To be given freely in acute tonsillitis

Mercury, 3. In very acute tonsillitis grey powder or calomel in small doses

Mercury and Morphine Oleate. In obstinate and painful sore-throat

Myrrh. Gargle in ulcerated sore-throat

Nitric Acid. As alterative with infusion of cinchona

Phytolacca. Internally, and as gargle

Podophyllum. Cholagogue purgative

Potassium Chlorate. Chief gargle

Potassium Nitrate. A ball of nitre slowly sucked

Pulsatilla, 2. In acute coryza without gastric irritation

Sanguinaria, 2. The tincture sprayed in extended chronic nasal catarrh

Silver Nitrate, 3, 4. Solution in sloughing of the throat or chronic relaxation; saturated solution an anaesthetic and cuts short inflammation

Sodium Borate, 1. In clergyman's sore-throat

Sodium Salicylate, 3. In quinsy

Steam. Of boiling water, and vapour of hot vinegar

Sulphurous Acid, 3. Spray

Sumach, 4. The berries infused and addition of potassium chlorate a most efficient gargle


Veratrum Viride. To control any febrile change

Zinc Chloride

Zinc Sulphate, 1. A gargle

Tic Douloureux.

Aconitine,2. Formula: Aconitinae (Duquesnel's), gr. 1/10; Glycerini, Alcoholis, aa. 3j.; Aq. menth.

pip., ad 3ij.; dose 3j. cautiously increased to

3ij. Ammonium Chloride, 3. In large dose Amyl Nitrite, 1. In pale anaemic patients Anaesthetics quickly relieve, 2 Arsenic, 3. Occasionally useful Atropine, 3. Hypodermically, and ointment Butyl-Chloral Hydrate Caffeine Cannabis Indica Cautery in Dental Canal, 1. Where pain radiated from mental foramen Chamomile

Chloroform, 3. Inhalation, hypodermically Counter-irritation Cupric Ammonio-Sulphate, 1. Relieves the insomnia Delphinine. Externally Electricity

Gelsemium, 3, 4. Valuable Glonoine, 1. In obstinate cases Heat

Hyoscyamus Iron, 1. In combination with strychnia; the following formula is good : Ferri potassiotartratis, Эiv.; Vin. opii, 3jss.; Aq. cinnam.

ad 3viij. 3j. ter die sumenda Laurocerasi, Aqua

Tic Douloureux.

Ligature of the Carotids, 1. In obstinate cases a last resort. Has done good

Morphine, 3. Hypodermically

Ol. Crotonis, 1. Sometimes cures; will relieve

Phosphorus, 3. In obstinate cases


Potassium Iodide. The following formula relieves : R Chloral. gr. v.; Potassii iodidi, gr. iij.; Sp. ammoniae co., 3i.; Infusum gentianae, ad 3j. Alone in syphilitic history

Pulsatilla, 1. Relieves

Salicin, 1. Instead of quinine, where pain is periodic


Veratrine, 3. Ointment

Valerlan, 1. R Zinci valerianatis, Quininae valerianatis, aa. gr. xii.; Extracti Hyoscyami, gr. xxiv., fiat pilulae duodecim., una ter die sumenda

Tinea Circinata.

Boric Acid, 1, 2. In simple or ethereal solution Carbolic Acid, 2. Solution, or glycerine of carbolic acid Chromic Acid. Cod-Liver Oil Copper, Carbonate Goa Powder. As ointment, or moistened with vinegar Kamala, 1 Oil of Cade

Sulphites, 2. Or sulphurous acid Sulphur Baths, 2. Faithfully carried out

Tinea Decalvans, vide Alopecia.

Tinea Favosa.

Calcium Sulphide

Carbolic Acid, 1. Lotion


Epilation, 1. Followed up by using a parasiticide


Mercury, 3. A lotion of the bichloride, gr. ij. ad 3j.; or the oleate of mercury ointment

Nitric Acid, 1. Caustic after the crust has been removed

Oil. To soften and remove scabs


Petroleum, 1. One part to two of lard after crusts are gone