Sulphurous Acid, 3. The glycerine of the B.P. preparation assisted by epilation

Turkish Bath, 1. Followed by the use of carbolic soap, instead of ordinary

Viola Tricolor

Zinc Chloride, 1. Dilute watery solution

Tinea Tarsi.

Blisters to Temple, 3

Epilation, 1, 3. Removal of scabs and application of stick of lunar caustic

Mercury, 1,3. After removal of scabs, Ung. hy-drargyri nitratis diluted to half its strength; also R Plumbi acetatis, 3j.; Ung. hydrargyri oxidi rubri, 3j.; Zinci oxidi, 3j.; Calo-melanos, 3ss.; Adepis, 3ij.; Olei palmat. 3v.; ft. ung.; also Oleate

Tinct. Iodi, 1. After removal of scabs followed by application of glycerine

Ung. Picis, 1. Touched along edge of tarsi

Tinea Tonsurans.

Acetic Acid, 3. Strong locally

Acetum Cantharidis, 1

Arsenic, 1. Tonic

Boric Acid, 1. Ethereal solution after head is thoroughly cleansed

Carbolic Acid, 1, 3. In early stages

Chrisma, 1. A derivative from petroleum. A parasiticide

Chrysophanic Acid, 1. Or. xxx. to 3j. as ointment

Cocculus Indicus

Cod-Liver Oil

Coster's Paste. Iodine 3ij., Oleum cadini, 3ij.


Croton Oil, 1, 3. Liniment followed by a poultice


Iodine, 1, 3. The tincture in children

Menthol, 1. Parasiticide and analgesic

Mercury, 1, 3. White precipitate lightly smeared over, the oleate, pernitrate and oxide as ointments. The bichloride as a lotion gr. ij. ad 3j.

Oil of Naphtha

Salicylic Acid, 1. Strong solution in alcohol, gr. xl. ad 3j., or gr. xl. to vaseline 3j.

Sodium Ethylate

Sulphurous Acid, 1, 3 sulpho-cyanide of potassium

Thymol. Like menthol

Tongue, Diseases of.

Bicyanide of Mercury, 1. In mucous tuber-cles

Borax. In chronic superficial glossitis; and in fissured tongue

Cinnamon. To flavour

Cloves. As gargle

Cochlearia Armoracia, 1. As gargle


Fraenulum. Should be divided in tongue-tie

Ginger. Masticatory

Hydrastis. In stomatitis


Iodoform. To ulcers

Mercury. In syphilitic disease

Mezereon, Oil of. Sialagogue

Nitric Acid. In dyspeptic ulcers; the strong acid as caustic

Nux Vomica

Pepper. Condiment


Potassium Bromide

Potassium Chlorate. In aphthous ulceration, chronic superficial glossitis, stomatitis

Potassium Iodide. In tertiary specific ulceration, and in macroglossia

Pyrethrum. Masticatory

Rhus Toxicodendron

Silver Nitrate. Caustic to ulcers

Xanthoxylum, 2. In lingual paralysis

Zinc Chloride. Caustic

Tonsillitis, vide Throat, Sore.

Tonsils, Enlarged.

Aluminium Sulphate. Locally applied

Ammonium Iodide

Catechu. Astringent gargle


Fel Bovinum, 1. Inspissated, rubbed up with conium and olive oil as an ointment to be painted over Ferri Perchloridi, Tinctura. Astringent in chronically enlarged tonsils Iodine Tincture. To cause absorption

Tonsils, Enlarged.

Massage, 1. Of the tonsils

Silver Nitrate. Caustic

Tannin, 1. Saturated solution of fresh tannin

Tonsils, Ulcerated.

Cantharides. As vesicant

Coptis. Gargle

Iron. Gargle

Lycopodium. To dust over

Magnesium Sulphate. Free purgation with

Mercuric Iodide. In scrofulous and syphilitic ulceration Potassium Chlorate. Gargle Potassium Iodide. In tertiary syphilis Sulphurous Acid. Pure or B.P. mixed with equal quantity of glycerine and painted over


Aconite, 3. Liniment or ointment in facial neuralgia if due to decayed teeth Alum, 2. A solution in nitrous ether locally applied Argenti Nitras. The solid applied to the clean cavity and the mouth then gargled Arsenic, 1, 3. Caustic to destroy the dental nerve Belladonna

Butyl-Chloral, 1, 3. In neuralgic toothache Calcium Salts Camphor. Rubbed on gum, or dropped on cotton wool and placed in tooth Camphor and Chloral. Liniment to relieve facial neuralgia Capsicum, 3. A strong infusion on lint Carbolic Acid, 2. A single drop of strong, on cotton wool placed in cavity of tooth Chamomile

Chloral, 1. Solution in glycerine one in four, or solid in cotton wool to be applied to the hollow tooth Chloroform, 1, 3. Into ear or tooth on lint; a good liniment with creasote; or injected into the gum Cocaine, 3. The hydrochlorate into a painful cavity Colchicum. Along with opium in rheumatic odontalgia

Collodion, 3. Mixed with melted crystallised carbolic acid, and put into cavity on cotton wool; first increases and then diminishes pain

Coniine, 3. Solution in alcohol on cotton wool and put into tooth Creasote. Like carbolic acid Croton Oil Electricity

Gelsemium, 1,3. To relieve the pain of a carious tooth unconnected with any local inflammation Ginger Glonoine

Iodine, 3. Painted on to remove tartar on teeth, and in exposure of fang due to atrophy of gum Mercury. As alterative and purgative Morphine. Subcutaneously injected Nitric Acid. To destroy exposed nerve Nux Vomica Oil of Cloves, 2, 4. Dropped into the cavity of a hollow tooth Opium, 2. Dropped into cavity Pellitory, 4. Chewed Potassium Bromide Pulsatilla, 1. In rheumatic odontalgia Quinine. In full dose Resorcin, 2. Like creasote Sodium Bicarbonate, 1, 2. Saturated solution to rinse mouth with Tannin, 1, 2. Ethereal solution dropped into carious tooth Zinc Chloride, 1, 3. To destroy exposed pulp


Aconite. Liniment externally; and tincture internally Arsenic, 1. Controls and finally abolishes spasm Belladonna. Liniment Capsicum, 3. Strong infusion applied on lint and covered with oiled silk Cimicifuga Conium, 1. Due to spasmodic action of the muscles Electricity, 2. Galvanism to the muscles in spasm; faradic to their paretic antagonists Local Pressure, 1 Massage, 1 Nerve-stretching, 1 Nux Vomica Water, 2. Hot douche